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Before & After

Ok few deep breaths…

I’d be a complete hypocrite if I ignored this topic all together. The purpose of my blog is to INSPIRE people. To have them say, wow this woman has done it. Why can’t I? No excuses right? RIGHT!

So after tossing and turning at night, thinking about it… I decided I owe it to myself, I owe it to the readers, and I owe it to my future readers to post my before and after pictures. I am proud of how far I’ve come, what I’ve accomplished, and the woman I am today. Yes, it’s hard work. No, I don’t look this way by sitting in my recliner and eating Berger cookies (ohhhhh… aren’t these the best!? Baltimore’s finest!- or Bal-more HON!). I will however sit in my recliner with an apple and peanut wonder and watch Breaking Amish, but that’s not the point…

So as I let these pictures out to the world, I am freeing myself. The truth is, not many people have seen these. The people in my life now are not people that have been in my life forever (except my family members of course). Past boyfriends, friends at the gym, work friends, etc. have said I can’t imagine you any way but the way you are now! And then want to see my pictures. I always would scream NO! Ridiculous right? I would think of it as something I was ashamed of, but the truth is, it feels amazing! To know I went from that to this with HARD WORK. No surgeries, no crazy diets, and no fads.

So here we go…

Boy was I a round baby!

Ok sorry… I will show the real pictures


A major change. Some of you might say, “well really, she looked fine before”. I’m not saying there was anything wrong with my appearance, or my body in the before pictures. I just did not feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt unhealthy, and not “ME”. And now being this size and shape, I feel confident, I feel beautiful, and I feel like the Minnie I should be. We have to love ourselves first right?

Like I said, I want this to be as real as possible, so some of these pictures are post gym, sweaty/gross, etc. I’m an every day woman, and I workout like a real woman!

I’m not sure exactly how much weight I have lost. I stopped weighing myself at my heaviest because I just did not want to know. But from an old doctors visit record, I have lost around 45-50 pounds. That’s a lot on my small frame (I’m 5’2″). I fluctuate 5 pounds just like everyone else, perfectly normal! I recently stopped weighing myself because I feel great! Who cares about the number!!!! 🙂

How long did it take me? Probably 9 months to a year. I started losing, hit a little plateau, and then became serious about it.

I will keep updating this page for more Before/After pics. I hope I inspired you to make a change…

Comments are welcomed.. the good, the bad, and the ugly.

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,