Bikini Questionnaire





Your Goal:

Have you competed before? If so, which organization? How did you do?:

Your daily schedule (what time do you wake up, work, school, etc.):

What time of the day do you train? (cardio and weights):

What does training consist of?: (You’re workout split- give me an idea of your routine):

How long have you been training this way?:

Do you belong to a gym?:

Were you athletic growing up?:

Please outline your current daily food intake (HONESTY PLEASE!). How many meals, what they consist of, when you eat your first meal of the day and your last:

Food allergies:

Foods you love:

Foods you hate:

Supplements you use (vitamins, whey, pre-workout, post-workout, etc.):

Do you drink caffeine?:

Medical conditions: