MIA and a Morning Surprise!

Still down and out… I was the closest to seeing “the light” yesterday than I have ever been. Not cool… and I wish I was exaggerating a bit.

I didn’t even have energy to sit at my blog desk and type, sorry.

I just have to give a big shoutout to my big sissy Casey, Happy Birthday Homegirl! LOVE YOU!


So I typed that last night as I was knocking on deaths door. I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise. My blog finished! Cartoon Phoebe and I! Yay we FINALLY are making an appearance. It’s been a LONG process, months in the making and I am finally able to show you guys. Much love to Miss Pickles over @ MissPicklesDesignStudio for the amazing illustration. I was very picky about my cartoon, even the way my hip was cocked, and she brought me a character that looks just like us! And of course a big thanks to A Mommy’s Blog Design for the matching layout. Helping out the technology impaired one blog at a time!

These were some of the pics I sent over of us!

Hey recognize that outfit?

Hey recognize that outfit?

pheobe smiles always

I realize my face is HUGE here but I wanted her to see I have big eyes and a big smile!

I realize my face is HUGE here but I wanted her to see I have big eyes and a big smile!

Looks just like Phoebe

Looks just like Phoebe

I really couldn’t stop laughing when I saw cartoon Phoebe. I mean I laughed for a good 20-30 minutes and then throughout the rest of the day when it was sent to me. She got her perfect! Tongue hanging out and all šŸ™‚

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with a regular blog! I still have a lot of work to do and organization to make sure everything is in the right spot. In the meantime, enjoy the new design!

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,



  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! Thank god you have today off, hope you get some much needed sleep. Love your new blog design btw šŸ™‚ Especially you and little Phoebe at the top, too cute! Happy Birthday to your sister!!!

  2. It looks Great Katie,hope u feel better soon

    Love. Dad

  3. Oh my gosh I love your new blog design, I particularly like the animated you and phoebe! Hope you’re feeling better, sometimes you just to take some time off and relax. All the best Tam x

  4. Love the new design! Miss Pickles got you and Phoebs spot on! I’ve been under the weather myself. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. I LOVE the new layout and cartoon! I hope you’re feeling better soon and Phoebe is keeping you lots of company šŸ™‚

  6. Love it dear, know you’ve put a lot of work into it!!! Woohoo!!! Looks fab!

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