Those Gloomy Days

Have you ever been grumpy first thing in the morning? For no particular reason. That was me yesterday morning. I opened my eyes after hearing the buzzing of my alarm and I swear I was looking at this over my head.   I mean yeah, I had a busy work week ahead of me, but nothing […]

Personal Goals

Hi Friends! Welcome to Monday. Today I thought I’d talk about personal goals. Whether big or small, everyone has some kind of goal they are working towards. I was always a big goal kinda gal, but lately I’ve been focusing more on the little things that lead to the big picture. First on my list, […]

Friday Festivities

Hey and Happy Friday! I’m actually off today which is amazing because I work most Fridays. There’s something magical about being off on a Friday when you normally aren’t. I wish I could say I am doing a lot of fun things today, but so far it’s me breaking up dog fights. Seriously, ANY help […]

Suck it Up Buttercup

Those were the exact words Tony said to me yesterday as we left the gym. I followed through and did my leg day workout I talked about the other day. Did anyone join me? Did everyone make it? I almost did not. By the time I got to the split squats I indeed started feeling sick […]

No Food Shaming

Hi friends! Today I want to talk food. Specifically, lets talk about all the hype behind this Unicorn Frappuccino. You’re expecting me to say “that’s full of sugar, don’t get it”. “It’s processed, don’t get it”. Nope. I’m going to say, if you want it GET IT. Who am I to lecture on what you […]

Four Pups and a BBQ Dive

Happy Monday! Back to the real world today, I swear weekends go so fast. I’m happy to say the tux appointment was so easy. I never thought that was going to happen. I thought we’d be going to five different places to find something and we found exactly what we wanted at the first place. […]

Friday Determination

Friday! Can I get a WOO HOO!? I always have all these great plans in my head for the weekend, and then I end up doing errands, throwing in a bit of lazy, and we always make sure we go to dinner. So I can count on that being a repeat this weekend. Sometimes you […]

Photo Success

Hi and a big Happy Thursday to you. Yesterday Tony and I made it through our engagement shoot without tons of awkwardness. Well, there was some because I don’t know how to avoid that, but I’m sure we got some really great shots. Our photographer is so sweet and made us feel super comfortable. Here […]