All the Busy Things

Hi friends and HAPPY FRIDAY! My Friday started off with a whole lot of tears. I had to drop off Miss Hazel this morning for surgery. There were people in front of me also dropping off their pets (I wait until the last possible moment) and when I watched them hand off theirs, I cried. […]

Fur Mama

Hey everyone. Well, I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, but it seems to be my life lately. Maybe one day I’ll have it all figured out, but as of right now I’m going with the flow. I’m actually off for these next few days because we are having Hazel spayed. It really hurts […]

Not Going Anywhere

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I went and took a hiatus last week without any explanation. I had a hell of a week and it took a toll on me physically and emotionally. But here I am back to my old spot and I’m hopeful I can get a blog up each day. I’m sure […]

Summer Pasta Salad

Yesterday it was 91 degrees in Maryland, and it’s only mid May! I made this fresh summer pasta salad perfect for hot days just like that one. Growing up I can remember my mom making a version like this and it brought me back to those times. I guess every family has their own spin […]

Drink All The Water

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday! This morning I’m sitting here with a big cup of cold water versus digging into my coffee first. Oh the horror. Why am I doing this? Because I’ve realized a lot of my “weirdo problems” I’ve been having are probably all from dehydration. I’ve been REALLY bad about not drinking enough […]

Dancing and Wrestling

Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe I am actually home today, I haven’t had a Monday off in a while, but here I am 🙂 And Tony is home too. Say what? I actually get to see him today? This never happens. We had a pretty nice weekend too. Saturday we went to the gym. […]

The Funk

I’m going to start off by saying PHEW. I know I skipped two days, but I was in a major FUNK and I didn’t feel like taking anyone down with me. I’m not a fake it kinda gal, so I just couldn’t log on here and express happy emotion when I was going through a […]

Tuesday Research

Hi friends. This morning I’ve been doing some wedding cake research. Tony and I got to play “wheel of cake” a few weeks ago and try all the flavors. But now I’m trying to figure out what I want in a cake. I had an idea right from the start. NO FONDANT. I absolutely hate […]