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Welcome to my T Shirt Shop! I am in the process of having several shirts made, but since I consider myself the Almond Butter Queen (yes I just coined myself that), I had to make these adorable shirts!


Everyone out there is a peanut butter lover, but me? I am an almond butter lover! And I DO CARDIO FOR ALMOND BUTTER!

For real, every step I take on the step mill I think “ohhhh this is more almond butter I can have”. I can’t be alone in this!

So I bring you these ADORABLE tanks.


As of right now I have 2 smalls and 3 mediums left. I am wearing a small in the picture. The front reads “I cardio for almond butter”, and the back reads “www.skinnyminniemoves.com” in small writing across the upper back.


The tanks are ribbed, teal in color, with white writing. 100% cotton πŸ™‚


Each tank is $22.99 with $3.99 flat shipping to the US only. If you are out of the US, e-mail me and we can arrange something else. Once these first 5 go, the remainder will be pre-orders (it may take up to 3 weeks for you to receive your tank as my bulk orders take time to arrive). I will e-mail you if this is the case. ORDER BELOW!



All orders go through PayPal (I am PayPal verified). Sorry no refunds, unless I do not have the product in stock. Your statement will appear as “SMM” when it comes out of your account πŸ™‚ Check must CLEAR before I can ship (I had problems with this in the past sorry).

XOXO With a Cherry On Top,


PS. Be back tomorrow with workout related things. I overslept… whoops!


  1. You aren’t the only one out there!!! I’m almond butter obsessed!! Love the tank!

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