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October Challenge + Shoulders

Hi everyone! I’m excited that I have an October Challenge coming at ya! I worked pretty hard on this so I would love if you guys joined me. Basically it’s 30 days of a diet and exercise plan. The diet you will be able to customize yourself, but I give you plenty of ideas and […]

The Countdown to the Dirty Thirty

Hi everyone! So here is the deal. I turn THIRTY. Yes, 3-0. At the end of next month. Goodbye 20’s! Hellllooooooo thirties. Oh no… when did that happen? Okay, yes I realize I am super dramatic about this. Hey, the gang on Friends feels me on this one. Remember when Rachel turned 30? And Joey? “Why, […]

Doing some Nesting + Quest Giveaway

Hi everyone! It’s Tuesday, one day closer to the holiday break. I seriously cannot believe it is turkey time already! I panic a bit as the holidays come and go, realizing I’m getting closer and closer to hitting 30. THIRTY!!! I know age is just a number, but geez that’s a hard one to hit. […]