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There Was Cake

Hi everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend? I sure did! Yes, there was cake involved, but we will get to that in a minute. I’ve been loving every single minute of my weekends. Tony and I get up, have coffee, make a really healthy breakfast, and head to the gym together. One day […]

A Quick Saturday Hey

Hey! I’m almost done my progress post. Really it’s finding all the pictures over the past 20 weeks that’s hurting me here. Oh how I miss those abs. I know it’s not realistic to keep full time though.  But anyway, I wanted to stop in really quick on a Saturday and say I haven’t gone […]

Leave It In The Gym

Hi friends! Guess what today is? Well, besides Thursday, TODAY marks my final training session for this prep. I honestly cannot believe it. Not that I was counting, but when I step on stage Saturday I will have prepped for 155 days straight. I probably took a total of 4 days off not training (including […]

Here’s What I Can Tell You

Hi Everyone. Here’s What I Can Tell You. I’m sorry for not updating regularly. I’ve just been enjoying my new space and life. I’ve been loving gym time and NOT having a headache all day every day. I’m smiling, I’m laughing, I’m even letting random people spot me in the gym. YES, ME! Happiness came […]

Being a Disney Princess Isn’t That Great

Hi! It’s a good thing I have blogging and texting… If you’ve been following my instagram account, you will have seen I have no voice. IT SUCKS. BAD! I love Ariel and all.. but sorry I don’t want to be like you that much! Side note: can we all just agree that it’s weird all the […]

Ab-solutely F-AB-ulous, YOGADOCMD

Hello Team SkinnyMinnie! My name is Patricia, I am the face behind YogaDocMD.com and I am elated to be a guest blogger for Katie while she is out on the West Coast enjoying some Bloggin adventures and Pacific sun! I am a 4th year medical student, an avid Bikram yogini, and a rookie blogger! When […]

Eats Lately

Good Morning. It’s Thursday. Happy dance, shaking my booty and giving my general surgery PA’s high fives. We all have Friday’s off so it’s our thing to wish each other a happy Thursday. I do like my job guys in case you were wondering! It’s just very stressful and busy at times. Anyway, I thought […]