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Goodbye Friends

Hey everyone. Today I talk about the last part of Sarah and Andy coming to visit. I know these posts took me long enough, huh? Life gets in the way and it’s a busy life! Anyway, what better way to finish a visit from a fit friend… hitting the gym! I HAD to take them […]

No more bland food

Hey everyone. A short little blog today because I’m a tad exhausted. I may have overworked myself in the gym last night… Back day always gets away from me a bit. I’m happy with the changes I see in my back though. This weekend I meal prepped as usual and staring at me in the freezer […]

Early Christmas

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the skin care video. I know I said I was going to be back yesterday, but I had a pretty stressful Tuesday so I ended up taking a little rest from the blog and the gym. I probably haven’t had a rest day in 3 weeks so it felt […]

Doing some Nesting + Quest Giveaway

Hi everyone! It’s Tuesday, one day closer to the holiday break. I seriously cannot believe it is turkey time already! I panic a bit as the holidays come and go, realizing I’m getting closer and closer to hitting 30. THIRTY!!! I know age is just a number, but geez that’s a hard one to hit. […]

Monday and my Weekend Recap

Hello everyone! I’m sad to say it’s Monday again and I have a full week of work ahead of me. I live for Thursday afternoons, but this time around I’ll be working Friday as well. I had the choice to skip a day in the week, but as a responsible adult I know I have […]

One Two Three… PANIC

For those of you who don’t know, I am not a world traveler. A big deal for me is a trip to Savannah with a gal pal, or hopping on a plane to a blog conference. As I prepare to do the latter, I’m excited, yet starting to freak out. Why you ask? It’s vacation […]