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What’s On Your Agenda?

Hey folks! So I want to point out the obvious here that I haven’t been updating as much, which isn’t too much like me to miss some in a row. The truth is I picked up more work, so once I’m in for the night it’s sweet dreams for a few hours. Anyway, this weekend […]

Snow Day

Yesterday we ended up getting about 5-6 inches of snow here in Maryland. I swear Miss Buffay KNEW it was a snow day too. That little dog was jumping around the apartment, flinging her toys. She is worse than a little kid sometimes. “Mommy’s home today! Yipee!”  We’ve been having some problems with static lately, […]

Monday and my Weekend Recap

Hello everyone! I’m sad to say it’s Monday again and I have a full week of work ahead of me. I live for Thursday afternoons, but this time around I’ll be working Friday as well. I had the choice to skip a day in the week, but as a responsible adult I know I have […]

For Change Make Change

Happy Friday! TGIF! Can I get a thank goodness? It’s no surprise Friday is my favorite day of the week. I’m off work and by far my favorite part of the day is sitting down at the computer in the morning with my coffee and getting caught up on things while music plays and Phoebe […]