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Weekend Things + Shoulder Burn

Hey friends 🙂 We are already mid week because of the holiday! Although I’d love to say that the weekend is approaching, I am not exactly getting a weekend. I’m only off today until I head to LA on Wednesday morning with Tony. This week is going to be a struggle for me trying to get […]

Monday Catch Up

Hey friends! Happy Monday 🙂 It feels good to be back on the horse 😉 In case you missed it… I posted on Friday about getting my normal life back together in the midst of the craziness at home and work. Yesterday Tony and I slept in and after we slugged it around the house […]

Our Favorite Visitors Part 2

Good Morning and Happy Monday! I’ll be reliving my visit with Sarah last weekend because it was SO Epic. We also had a pretty good time this weekend… but more on that later 😉 Our first stop Friday morning was breakfast in downtown Annapolis. We decided to take Sarah and Andy to Iron Rooster, a […]

Sunday Like It’s Saturday

Hi Everyone! On Sunday we had a “Saturday”. Our Saturdays consist of gym time, maybe an errand or two, and a nice dinner out. This time we got up bright and early with our good friends from the gym, Hannah and Kurt, and went to the farmers market in Baltimore. This is not just any […]