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Sacrifice for the Perfect Body

Hello my loyal followers!   As you know I hit you all by surprise by competing in two bodybuilding bikini competitions over these last few months. So why did I hide it? Well basically I’m not good with added pressure. I wanted to compete for me and not anyone else. If I was a couple weeks deep and […]

The Gladiator

Surprise! I competed in my first NPC Bodybuilding competition on Saturday! AND I PLACED! Yep… that’s what’s been consuming my life these past 17 weeks. So why the secret? Well I wanted to do this prep for me and no one else. No outside pressure. If I couldn’t hang, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. […]

A weekend for the books

Hi everyone! Remember how I’ve been saying that I’ve been living in the moment and finally having fun? Well it probably is the best thing to ever happen to me. This weekend I went from having ZERO plans to being super spontaneous and having a BLAST! Just like G-Mama tells me, it’s amazing what a […]

Heavy is the New Light

Good Morning gang, I’m officially back on prep and while I am not going to crazy extremes with my diet yet (still enjoying a little creamer and quest bars for now), I’m already starting to feel like… Well a BADASS! Last time I did this, I was completely solo with training and nutrition. I did […]

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

Welcome to Saturday! I’ve been waiting for this day because I have plans to workout early, then do some blog work and some heavy napping/lounging. Even though I mentioned this my last blog, I have now officially picked a date for my next show! November 2, 2014! One of the biggest NPC shows of the […]

Weekend Festivities

Okay my lovely readers! This is probably the first time you will ever see these words typed… thank goodness that weekend is over! You guys know I LIVE for my weekends. Okay I know, I shouldn’t wish my life away, but this time I just needed it to be over. May was a pretty poo […]

Pictures from Bikini Prom #2

Hello guys! I will get straight to the point. Yes I placed in my 2nd show! 5th place. I really just wanted to share pictures from the day (Bikini Prom as my BFF calls it) because I have a full blog I wrote of my thoughts about competing in show #2. That will be up […]

Counting on One Hand- 4 Days Out

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost time. 4 days away from my competition! Today is Tuesday, I’m not at work, yippee 😀 Although I feel for my fellow PA’s, because it absolutely stinks when we have one man down! I finished my last work day yesterday afternoon (no more work day workouts!) and […]