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When Life Hands You Lemons

Pray they are Lulu. Okay, so I didn’t come up with that. I borrowed it from Instagram, but I like this saying way better than the original! Sorry for the little mess up yesterday. I had full intentions of blogging later in the afternoon, but something unexpected happened and I didn’t get to it. All is […]

Working On My Glutes

Hello Everyone. Sorry for skipping the blog yesterday. I had a miniature bikini girl meltdown in the gym out of exhaustion (Mom it’s okay)— I say this because she worries! The cardio game is starting to catch up with me and being lower carb for a few days makes your body almost… well let me […]

Beginning of Prep

Hello and Happy Thursday! I have now been back on “prep” since Saturday, but not that much has changed. I’m tracking my calories, fats, proteins, and carbs now, that’s the only difference. This prep I’m already struggling because I was used to cardio every single day, now I barely do it. Am I nervous? Why […]

E-Book Available!!!!!!!

Here it is!!! Head to this page to purchase! XOXO With a Cherry On Top, -Minnie

1 and a Half Thumbs Up

Hello there! HAAAAAPPY THURSDAY! Can you tell I’m super excited for Thursday? I don’t have any weekend plans. Actually Saturday I plan on doing a morning gym session and then a scheduled couch day/cook book day. Naps and e book work sounds like my idea of the perfect Saturday! Two thumbs up! Well maybe 1 […]

Pictures from Bikini Prom #2

Hello guys! I will get straight to the point. Yes I placed in my 2nd show! 5th place. I really just wanted to share pictures from the day (Bikini Prom as my BFF calls it) because I have a full blog I wrote of my thoughts about competing in show #2. That will be up […]