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Giant Birthday Cake Cookie

Hi friends. Obviously I am no stranger to everything birthday cake flavored. If you walk in any GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, even Walmart you will find those large protein cookies in various flavors. I will admit, I LOVE THEM. However it’s two servings and let’s be real, do we really share it? Not me! Those giant […]

Easy Oreo Bark

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend. I’ll get to mine tomorrow, but since I’m short on time right now I thought I’d share the recipe I made this weekend! Warning: this isn’t healthy.. HOWEVER, it’s a great party dish to bring to events when you don’t have a lot of time, but […]

Healthy Birthday Cake for 1

Good Morning šŸ˜€ Rise and SHINE! It’s Friday! Actually I’m on my way to the gym at 8am… let me groan a little. I HATE going to the gym early in the morning. My work schedule doesn’t allow it thankfully, weekends do and this is now the 2nd time I’ve trained with my coach where […]