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Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Like all Dad’s, he will say “Don’t get me anything” or “a card is enough”. He really does mean that, and let’s face it men can be pretty hard to shop for anyway. I talk about my parents on here in passing sometimes, but I spare details because I respect […]

Birthday Love

Hi everyone! I’m BACK! I had a wonderful vacation with my best friend Sarah. Lots of memories, too hot sun (we will get there), and tons of laughs. My trip will be my post tomorrow, but for now I haven’t talked about my birthday last Saturday 🙂 Tony was supposed to be away until the day […]

There Was Cake

Hi everyone! Did you guys have a good weekend? I sure did! Yes, there was cake involved, but we will get to that in a minute. I’ve been loving every single minute of my weekends. Tony and I get up, have coffee, make a really healthy breakfast, and head to the gym together. One day […]

Babes and Birthdays

Good Morning! Happy Monday. Yesterday was Phoebe Buffay’s birthday! Yes my little girl turned 2 years old. Hard to believe. Having Phoebe around has brought such joy into my life and she always makes me smile even when I’m down. So of course I had to repay the favor and spoil her little hiney rotten! […]

Coffee Week

Hello everyone 🙂 This week at work as I was absolutely swamped. I was sipping my coffee and came up with the idea to do a coffee week on my blog! I absolutely LOVE coffee. It is the best part of my morning. Work days I struggle through patient rounds at 6am, but I know […]

Puppy Party

Mornin’ Ya’ll 🙂 No I didn’t move to the south… it’s just a ya’ll kind of morning. Yesterday morning Phoebe and I got up and I gave her lots of birthday love! I’m not sure I ever shared this picture, but this is how she wakes me every darn morning. Paws slapping in my face, […]

Happy Birthday Phoebe Buffay!

Well my baby girl, Miss Phoebe Buffay is ONE YEAR OLD today! Time flies. I picked her up at 9 weeks old, so I’ve had her since she was a teeny little ball of fuzz. Look at this face…   To me it just screams Phoebe Buffay. That was the only option for her name, […]