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Trying to FIGURE it Out

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday. ALMOST to Friday, woo hoo! Like I said, I’m living for the weekends lately. Love every minute of them. Anyway, so on Tuesday I had an EPIC workout. It was the first time I hit the gym and felt like I trained like a real figure competitor. Do I know what […]

Meet the Parents

Hi everyone! This past weekend was so much fun. Tony and I spent the entire weekend together. Lifting, grocery shopping, and hanging out. Okay, so we actually DO NOT lift together. He has a training partner, and I do my own routine, but we do actually drive together. šŸ˜› On Sunday we headed to G-Mama […]

Kid in a Candy Store

Hello everyone. Yesterday I had the first day of “stay-cation”. I decided to go on the hunt for new work clothes, particularly PANTS. Per recommendations, I hit up Nordstrom rack! I did find 3 awesome tops for only $29. I paid $6-$11 a piece, it was quite the steal. I also picked up a few […]