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Official Meathead Status

Hey gang. Halfway through the week already! Can we talk to the public for a second and remind everyone that it is ONLY JANUARY. I say this because over the weekend I went to Target (danger, danger!) and as soon as I walked in I was hit with a display of swimsuits. SWIMSUITS! We just […]

5 Chest Exercises You Should Be Doing Now

After an epic leg day on Monday, I have to say I was dreading chest day. It bores me a bit, and I need a little more excitement. I had to intervene and do a little research. Now these aren’t breaking news worthy exercises… small variation from my normal routine, but I had to spice […]

All Better Now

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes on my social media accounts! Yes, I was sick again. I’m pretty private about “why” I am sick in public, but I know SO many women out there suffer with the same issues as I do, so I’m not afraid to share that I suffer from a […]