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Spicy Baked Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets are a spin off from the almond crusted chicken tenders. Low carb and delicious! Caught your attention, yes? This picture reminds me a bit of Chick fil A nuggets, boy are those good! Not exactly the healthiest, but mine are so no worries šŸ™‚ Here’s what you’ll need: 4-5 chicken breasts, cut […]

Thursday Things

Well hello! I want to start by saying thank you to everyone that reads me every day. I recently found out I’ve increased my readership quite a bit, so welcome to all my new readers and thank you for finding me! It’s very humbling and mind blowing at the same time to know people are […]

Lyft Me Up

Hello Gang! Hope you all are having a nice extended holiday weekend! Please take a moment to remember why we have this holiday. Big thanks to all those in the armed forces for all they do for America! God Bless šŸ™‚ So what have I been up to? Well getting in some pretty great workouts […]