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Hey everyone! I’ve had quite a few weeks… working like crazy, then when I’m off, going on mini road trips or having friends visit. I’m happy to say I am back to normal at home and yet again trying to find balance that I lost so long ago. 3 weekends ago we traveled to Pittsburgh […]

Day By Day

Hi Friends! So this weekend I had one of those brain teasers again that I posted about last week. “Why I do This”. This time it was more “why do I do this to myself”. On Saturday we went over to my parents house and my Dad and Tony had Maryland crabs. I would’ve liked to […]

Why I Do This

Sometimes when I’m alone I think about things. I think about things WAY TOO MUCH. I worry, I over analyze; all the fabulous traits I inherited from my beautiful mama. Sorry mom, but we are a lot alike. So yesterday I thought to myself why do I live this lifestyle. And by lifestyle I mean […]

New Week- New Goals

Hi friends! So as you know Tony is now on vacation and Phoebs and I are doing it alone. It’s kind of funny because my parents offered me to stay with them for a few days in case I got lonely. The gesture was wonderful, but I think we all forget I lived on my […]

Weekend Cleaning

Hi Friends! Back to the week we go huh? For me this weekend wasn’t anything too special. Tony and I spent time apart for the first time in a while. I had big dreams of organizing my life and I ended up just throwing out old makeup, which is a start right? Can I ask […]

Ninety Four

Happy Friday! Are you happy it’s almost the weekend? As you can imagine… I SURE AM! Like I said yesterday, I finished my last workout of my bikini prep days. The last day in the gym is circuit work and some light step mill. I finished with the step mill and tears filled my eyes. […]

Leave It In The Gym

Hi friends! Guess what today is? Well, besides Thursday, TODAY marks my final training session for this prep. I honestly cannot believe it. Not that I was counting, but when I step on stage Saturday I will have prepped for 155 days straight. I probably took a total of 4 days off not training (including […]

Final Touches

Hey gang! Sorry for missing yesterday. I didn’t even realize I didn’t write a blog until I went to the gym in the morning for cardio. Whoops! Bikini brain gets me again. I’ve been busy wrapping up all the final touches of my bikini career. Including downing my water like there is going to be […]