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Blogfest Day 1

Hello everyone! Now that we’ve gotten past the bad part of the California trip, here comes all the good! I woke up on Thursday feeling down, but I checked my phone and TA-DA back to normal 😀 I really think it’s the moisture in the gym that does it. Because I was feeling so down, Sarah […]

Pass The Butter Ya’ll

Hey guys! I have some SUPER exciting news I am looking forward to sharing. Well maybe not exciting for the reader, but I just am so happy about this I had to tell someone! As you guys know, I will be attending Fit Bloggin ’14 again this year. I’ve said many times my trip to Portland […]

FitBloggin’ 13 Day 1

Hi strangers! Sorry I haven’t been able to do my normal updates. This Skinny Minnie has been insanely busy having a blast in Portland. If you have been following my Instagram you will have seen some of the highlights of the trip. Since SO much went on, I’ve decided to post each day separately, rather […]