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Slow Roasted Potatoes

Now that I stepped away from weighing all my food, I started eating all the healthy things I like without worrying about the calories. I’m stepping away from sugar/fat free this and that and just enjoying wholesome foods instead. The other day Tony bought these adorable mini potatoes from BJs Wholesale, a mix of red […]

Meet the Parents

Hi everyone! This past weekend was so much fun. Tony and I spent the entire weekend together. Lifting, grocery shopping, and hanging out. Okay, so we actually DO NOT lift together. He has a training partner, and I do my own routine, but we do actually drive together. 😛 On Sunday we headed to G-Mama […]

Friday Things

Happy Friday! Made it through the week huh? Even if you made it by the skin of your teeth, hey you still made it! That’s what counts. I’m currently typing and cooking dinner for tonight. Friday nights are quickly becoming our date night “in” where we make a nice dinner that we eat after an evening […]

Weekend Festivities

Hey everyone! Happy Monday. For those of you over in the good ol’ USA we are blessed with a short week because of Thanksgiving. I’m not really sure how my week is going to go AT ALL and it is driving me crazy. I was summoned to jury duty starting Tuesday so I won’t know […]