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O! Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Hey friends. Did you have a nice weekend? I sure did! The highlight of ours was the Oriole game yesterday. We won, woo hoo! But it still would have been fun had we lost. Camden Yards is seriously SO beautiful! If you guys remember correctly, yesterday was the end of Tony eating whatever he wants, […]

Weekend Meltdown

Hi friends. I am SO SO SO SO SO happy to be here this morning. Yesterday afternoon I had a huge meltdown trying to make my site more mobile friendly for you all, and it completely locked me out of my website. I couldn’t login. All I kept seeing was FATAL ERROR. Probably one of […]

Thursday Randomness

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading yesterday. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to hit “publish” because I thought “is this me whining?”, but the feedback I received from people was pretty great! So thank you 🙂 This week hasn’t been too hard for me post- treat meal. I was super afraid once I got a […]