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No more bland food

Hey everyone. A short little blog today because I’m a tad exhausted. I may have overworked myself in the gym last night… Back day always gets away from me a bit. I’m happy with the changes I see in my back though. This weekend I meal prepped as usual and staring at me in the freezer […]

Weekly Playlists

Hey everyone! If you are like me and are in the gym, you can’t do a workout without good music. Seriously one time my phone died and I left the gym. I just can’t do it! To stay motivated and “focused” I’ve been creating weekly playlists to pump me up. Not all fasts songs, and […]

Being a Disney Princess Isn’t That Great

Hi! It’s a good thing I have blogging and texting… If you’ve been following my instagram account, you will have seen I have no voice. IT SUCKS. BAD! I love Ariel and all.. but sorry I don’t want to be like you that much! Side note: can we all just agree that it’s weird all the […]

“Cheesy” Spinach Soup

This recipe came from trying to get in my greens in a new way. I had a huge bag of spinach and I was sick of just eating it with other veggies. Enter SOUP! Broccoli Cheese or “cheddar” soup is pretty popular, but what about cheese and spinach? And get this, there’s actually ZERO cheese […]

Healthy Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs- CLEAN EATS!

I’m back on competition prep and with competition prep comes fun ways for me to eat my protein. No boring preps over here! I like flavor please 🙂 I made these last night on a whim because I didn’t want to do plain ground turkey. Well not to toot my own horn here, but they […]

The Taste of Off Season

Good Morning and HAPPY THURSDAY! Something has happened that I never thought would. I have tasted the off season, my taste buds LOVE it, and my body doesn’t. This was one of my biggest fears finishing with my competitions. Eating my way back up to where I was. I thought I have incredible self control, […]