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I’m a Big Girl Now

Good Morning. Happy Friday! And happy long weekend ahead! Oh it feels so good. I’m really going to enjoy every single second of it because Tuesday is supposed to be pretty rough for me, but I’ll think about that on Tuesday. When I last left you, I was crying on the calf machine… after this […]

E-Book Available!!!!!!!

Here it is!!! Head to this page to purchase! XOXO With a Cherry On Top, -Minnie

E-Book Preview

Hi Gang! Well I’m sick as a dog… errr… sick. Phoebe gets offended when I say that šŸ˜‰ Unfortunately I couldn’t spend my Mother’s Day with my mom. Of course I feel like an awful daughter, but I don’t want my mom catching this! My voice sounds like a drug addict it’s all coarse and […]