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Weekend Cleaning

Hi Friends! Back to the week we go huh? For me this weekend wasn’t anything too special. Tony and I spent time apart for the first time in a while. I had big dreams of organizing my life and I ended up just throwing out old makeup, which is a start right? Can I ask […]

Well That Was Fast

Hey everyone 🙂 Yesterday I talked finishing up my bikini life and taking the big leap to figure. I can’t remember ever being so excited about prep! I think I was just in the wrong category the whole time. I’ve spoken to some people and I’m currently looking for a coach to guide me through […]

11 Days Out

Hey everyone! This past week has been CRAZY for me so I promise to get to my story of this prep this week! It’s a LONG story and I have a lot of things to share so it will take me a while to tell it. As you saw from the post title, yep… 11 […]