FitBloggin 14, My Birthday

Welcome back to the Fitbloggin’ adventures! I last left you with me in a sugar coma from that late night treat. The following morning was my 29th birthday! It started off with a hearty breakfast and coffee. Mary and I then did a workout that was meant to be the “anti computer workout”, meaning you […]

Road Trip to FitBloggin 14

Well hello friends! I’m officially back from Savannah and I had the time of my life! I thought last year was a blast, well stay tuned because I have LOTS of fun pictures and adventures from my trip. I did and ATE so many things, so I have to split this blog into parts again […]

Pass The Butter Ya’ll

Hey guys! I have some SUPER exciting news I am looking forward to sharing. Well maybe not exciting for the reader, but I just am so happy about this I had to tell someone! As you guys know, I will be attending Fit Bloggin ’14 again this year. I’ve said many times my trip to Portland […]