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Monday Mindset

Hi everyone! Last week was CAH-RAZY. Not just crazy, CAH-RAZY. This week will hopefully be a little better, so I’m back for my blogs. I’m really sad the weekend sped past us, because I spent a lot of time at work prior to it, but a new weekend will be approaching shortly. šŸ™‚ On Saturday, […]

Weekend Love and Eats

Hi everyone! Happy Monday šŸ™‚ This weekend Tony and I had a good time eating our way through Baltimore. You may have seen my snap chats šŸ˜‰ Friday we went to Thai food with his mom. We’ve never done Thai before, but it was delicious! I love that they load you up with veggies. I […]

What’s Fueling You

Hi everyone! Today I want to touch on something I find to be pretty important. The other day I was having a conversation with my best friend about food. No surprise there, huh? Well I’m not talking drooling over sprinkles. I’m talking about using food as fuel and how it changes your body. I love […]

A Quick Saturday Hey

Hey! I’m almost done my progress post. Really it’s finding all the pictures over the past 20 weeks that’s hurting me here. Oh how I miss those abs. I know it’s not realistic to keep full time though.Ā  But anyway, I wanted to stop in really quick on a Saturday and say I haven’t gone […]

The Week of Cheats

Okay I have to apologize first for going completely AWOL. What can I say? I’m all fat and happy right now šŸ˜‰ So yeah I went buck wild on the cheats. Tony and I decided to give ourselves a week to enjoy whatever we wanted. I mean we really went to town. We were bad […]

Thursday Things

Well hello! I want to start by saying thank you to everyone that reads me every day. I recently found out I’ve increased my readership quite a bit, so welcome to all my new readers and thank you for finding me! It’s very humbling and mind blowing at the same time to know people are […]

Food Coma

Hey everyone! Did I catch you all off guard by competing? Yeah, who would’ve thought huh!? And I found one of the pictures I’ve been looking for! The top 5 ladies! Delt poppin’ šŸ˜‰ In order to look that way I followed a VERY strict diet. Super clean, no cheats. At first it was horrendous, […]

Lean Bean Diaries

Hey guys and HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m happy to say I will be starting my job sooner than I anticipated. I was waiting for all the licensing to go through and it has, phew. I asked to start sooner because while being home is fun, I need my structure back. I’m going crazy at home, plus […]