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West Coast Visits

Hi everyone! Well here I sit 36 and a half weeks. I can hardly believe it. I am not really panicking as much as I was, it’s finally starting to subside some. I’m in the stage now where I am SO anxious to meet this tiny little gal. I keep telling myself wow it really […]

Weekend Meltdown

Hi friends. I am SO SO SO SO SO happy to be here this morning. Yesterday afternoon I had a huge meltdown trying to make my site more mobile friendly for you all, and it completely locked me out of my website. I couldn’t login. All I kept seeing was FATAL ERROR. Probably one of […]

LA- My Favorite Day

Hey gang. So I skipped a day of our vacation, but really day 3 was just workouts for me and a few beach pictures at night. I plan on doing a “photo dump” to share some of the lost pictures with you, but I really want to talk about my favorite part of the vacation! […]

Pool Days

Hi friends! I’ve been GREATLY enjoying days I’m off. It’s been sunshine and blue skies here in Maryland, which is a nice change from the 3-4 weeks of rain we received a few weeks ago. I mean it was raining all the darn time! On Monday I went to the pool with Hannah since we […]


Hey everyone! I’ve had quite a few weeks… working like crazy, then when I’m off, going on mini road trips or having friends visit. I’m happy to say I am back to normal at home and yet again trying to find balance that I lost so long ago. 3 weekends ago we traveled to Pittsburgh […]

Friends in DC

Hey everyone! I continue my previous weekend adventures with Sarah and Andy with a day in Washington, DC! It has been quite some time since I went down to the monuments, I was probably in high school, but we were excited to show our friends the nations capital! We took the metro down, and let’s […]

Weekend Fit Friend Fun

Hi gang! Happy Monday. A fresh start to the week. Well, I guess I’m chipper since I’m off until Wednesday. 😛 It’s not all fun and games. I work pretty hard and it’s rare for me to be off 4 in a row straight, so I’m soaking up every little bit of awesomeness that is […]

Mexico- Part One

Hi Friends! Last Monday I was up early to go to the airport for Mexico. I always take a selfie before I go because I have this weird OCD/have to do it thing before flying somewhere. I’m not afraid of flying per se, but I do get a little nervous when the plane first takes […]