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Lovely Valentine

Hi everyone! Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day? We sure did. Tony and I went to dinner on Saturday to a nice steak house and enjoyed our day together. I told him absolutely NO GIFTS of any kind since we are saving for the house, but he bought me the most beautiful bouquet of […]

Glute Circuit

Hi friends! As you know I’m in Seattle right now, sipping on that fresh roasted coffee and enjoying time with my best friend Sarah. Just because I’m away doesn’t mean I’m not working out! Sarah and I have tons of plans to get in some workouts together. I’m lucky to have a super active best […]

Legs And Other Things

Hi Gang! An update on this weekend since I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to do a thing. I love my blog and I love my readers, so better late than never right? On Wednesday, I was the ultimate cliche doing glutes/legs in the gym. Enter fit girl “hump day” here. I love doing […]

Wednesday Glute Love

Hi everyone! First I have to give a special shout out to G-Mama. It’s YOUR DAY! The day you’ve been waiting for about 9 months now 🙂 And FINALLY yesterday was the day I had been waiting for as well! For a few years now. My gym purchased a glute ham raise or “GHR”. I […]

Weekend Cleaning

Hi Friends! Back to the week we go huh? For me this weekend wasn’t anything too special. Tony and I spent time apart for the first time in a while. I had big dreams of organizing my life and I ended up just throwing out old makeup, which is a start right? Can I ask […]

Virginia is for Lovers

Hey everyone! Did you have a good weekend? It went by too fast huh? Mine too! We got up nice and early on Saturday. I decided to throw it back a bit and curl my hair. The humidity made my curls turn into waves pretty quickly, but that’s okay. A girl has to accessorize 😉 […]

Final Touches

Hey gang! Sorry for missing yesterday. I didn’t even realize I didn’t write a blog until I went to the gym in the morning for cardio. Whoops! Bikini brain gets me again. I’ve been busy wrapping up all the final touches of my bikini career. Including downing my water like there is going to be […]

I Do Go Places…

Is this real life? Did I really leave my apartment to go out on a Monday night? I sure as heck did! Lately I’ve been all gym, gym, and more gym. Taking full advantage of the time off. I decided I deserved a night away from that crowd and it felt really good. No, I’d […]