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LA Continued

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed part one of my LA travels. It’s really cool to relive it with you all. Day two of BlogFest was lots of fun! I majorly crushed on our keynote speaker Jenna Wolfe. You may remember her from the Today Show, but what I didn’t know about her is HOW […]

What I learned about myself at BlogFest

Hi everyone! It feels good to be back home in good ol’ Maryland šŸ™‚ I missed my family and Phoebe TONS, but Tony and I had a great time in California for the week. I have a lot to recap, and I’ll get there next week, but for now I wanted to talk about what […]

Saturday Idea Fit – Cali

Good Morning! Next up we talk more of what I experienced during the Idea Fit conference. This was filled with personal trainers and instructors galore! Most of it was continuing education for them, but I took part in some classes to get an extra workout and also learn some new things for the blog to […]

Blogfest Day 2

Good Morning! Welcome back to Day 2 of my Blogfest adventures šŸ™‚ Friday morning I started with a 6am lift before the conference started. I hit some triceps and you know no gym session is complete without a little posing. At 7am we started with a pretty good bootcamp class. It involved some cardio bursts, […]