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Legs And Other Things

Hi Gang! An update on this weekend since I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to do a thing. I love my blog and I love my readers, so better late than never right? On Wednesday, I was the ultimate cliche doing glutes/legs in the gym. Enter fit girl “hump day” here. I love doing […]

Binge Watching is For Winners

Hi Everyone! So yesterday I skipped my blog because I pretty much spent the entire day on my couch. I must’ve woken up about 10 times during the previous night with a throat that felt like it was on fire. I get way too many sore throats 🙁 Needless to say I skipped the gym […]

Trying to FIGURE it Out

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday. ALMOST to Friday, woo hoo! Like I said, I’m living for the weekends lately. Love every minute of them. Anyway, so on Tuesday I had an EPIC workout. It was the first time I hit the gym and felt like I trained like a real figure competitor. Do I know what […]

Final Touches

Hey gang! Sorry for missing yesterday. I didn’t even realize I didn’t write a blog until I went to the gym in the morning for cardio. Whoops! Bikini brain gets me again. I’ve been busy wrapping up all the final touches of my bikini career. Including downing my water like there is going to be […]

Spring, Where Art Thou?

Okay winter, LISTEN UP! Go away. I’ve had enough. Here in Maryland we have been waking up to more snow. I cannot take it anymore! It’s not even pretty snow, it’s nasty ice. It’s officially MARCH and I am ready for spring to be here. I am always so freezing and I can’t take this […]

Push Through It

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday. Remember when they were really terrible for me? Phew thank goodness those days are in the past. Whenever I have a bad day I love coming home to Phoebe and snuggling on the couch. She is my comfort and peace. Sometimes I will just say things out loud to her, you may […]

Online Temptation

Hi everyone! If you saw my post the other day you read that I am cutting out social media for a while. It was quite odd not opening up Facebook and Instagram the following day, but I stayed anyway from it. The temptation was there to do “the scrolling”, but I know it’s the healthiest option […]

Just Roll With It

Hi there! Have you guys ever used one of these? This is called a Tiger Tail. It helps with muscle soreness and to get those knots out! Basically a thinner, more portable foam roller. I foam roll sometimes, but it’s nothing like this thing. You roll it over sore spots to help relieve cramps, tightness, aches, […]