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Thursday Things

Hi everyone! First of all I want to say I love you to the man who has made me the happiest girl alive for these past 6 months. I knew all this time I was waiting for the right guy to show up, I just had to be super patient. I know we have a […]

Putting Up the Pounds

Hello all! Back to Monday. I’m now in this zone where I live for the gym. As if my world didn’t revolve around it before…? Well now at work all I think about is 5pm to get my lift on. I’m just excited about my work in progress. It’s so fun to be able to […]

Heavy is the New Light

Good Morning gang, I’m officially back on prep and while I am not going to crazy extremes with my diet yet (still enjoying a little creamer and quest bars for now), I’m already starting to feel like… Well a BADASS! Last time I did this, I was completely solo with training and nutrition. I did […]