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What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Hi everyone šŸ™‚ Sorry I bailed on you guys yesterday. A lot going on and frankly it’s the “same ol’ , same ol’” so since I get a lot of requests as to what I’m wearing on my blog, I thought I’d focus on that for Wednesday. So here is what I’ve been wearing lately! […]

I’ve Got That Vaca Itch

Hello there! I’m so excited, it’s almost time for my vacation! Time flew by and here I am 2 work days away from heading back to Fitbloggin’. Wow! I spent my weekend doing TONS of laundry so I could pack all my cute workout clothes. I still have yet to pack these things, but I […]

15 Things I’m Loving Lately

Hello everyone. Back to the week we go. Sunday was a very busy day for me. Lots of laundry, meal prepping, blog work, etc. So I didn’t have time for a real blog, nor do I want to bore you with details of all the clothes I folded. So I thought I’d do 15 things […]