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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hi friends! Well, we made it! We officially are staying in our new home and it’s definitely had it’s ups and downs. First of all let me start by saying thank you SO MUCH to all of our family and friends, and even my readers for the well wishes. It’s a huge step and we […]

2016 Changes

Hi friends! I missed you guys and I hope you’ve missed me. We are now in 2016… hard to believe. When I was a kid I remember thinking by the time I’m 30 (now) I’ll be married with little ones running around in a house, stable job, and have it all together. Then, 30 seemed […]

You Have Questions, I Have Answers

Hi there everyone! It’s Monday. A fresh start to the week. It’s almost the end of summer as I see people enjoying their last weekends at the beach, or last lazy Sundays. With my posts lately, I’ve been asked questions regarding my prep, exercises, and just general day to day things. I’m here to answer […]

Some New Finds

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great extended weekend. I’m fortunate enough to have a short week again. Technicalities of getting an extra holiday day to spare when you’re already off on the actual holiday. I’ll definitely take it! This past week I have been working HARD in the gym. I’m not letting […]

Shaggin’ my way to recovery

Hello everyone! For some reason it feels like a while since I have blogged… but it was just a weekend! On Friday it became bitter cold here in Maryland. We went from 60 degree weather to 26 at night. I guess mother nature wanted to skip fall. Perfect excuse to wear my headband ear warmer […]

A life changing experiment

Hi gang! Yesterday at work I sat down in my office as always. I eat my egg whites and oatmeal as I check labs and write patient notes. Same old thing. I’m sitting there with my co-worker Billy (hi Billy!) and he tells me about an amazing egg trick that will peel the egg in two […]

One Two Three… PANIC

For those of you who don’t know, I am not a world traveler. A big deal for me is a trip to Savannah with a gal pal, or hopping on a plane to a blog conference. As I prepare to do the latter, I’m excited, yet starting to freak out. Why you ask? It’s vacation […]

Food and Fit Fashion

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Hoping this Tuesday won’t be so bad, things were looking up when I left work yesterday so there is hope 😉 Sunday night I did quite the meal prep, actually it took place over a day or so, but I made a lot of things! You guys know I’m all […]