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2016 Changes

Hi friends! I missed you guys and I hope you’ve missed me. We are now in 2016… hard to believe. When I was a kid I remember thinking by the time I’m 30 (now) I’ll be married with little ones running around in a house, stable job, and have it all together. Then, 30 seemed […]

I made the Cut

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve missed the past two days. Like I said work has been busy and I’ve been exhausted so I’ve been passing out around 9 or 930pm. While on my lunch break yesterday I got a notice that someone had linked my blog to a webpage. This is nothing out of the ordinary, […]

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 wow, where does time go? I have a lot to look forward to this coming year and I’m so happy it’s finally January. Holiday season is officially over (I’m a grinch…) and things are going back to normal. I rounded out my 2014 with one last workout of course. A little […]