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Hey everyone! I’ve had quite a few weeks… working like crazy, then when I’m off, going on mini road trips or having friends visit. I’m happy to say I am back to normal at home and yet again trying to find balance that I lost so long ago. 3 weekends ago we traveled to Pittsburgh […]

Sacrifice for the Perfect Body

Hello my loyal followers!   As you know I hit you all by surprise by competing in two bodybuilding bikini competitions over these last few months. So why did I hide it? Well basically I’m not good with added pressure. I wanted to compete for me and not anyone else. If I was a couple weeks deep and […]

11 Days Out

Hey everyone! This past week has been CRAZY for me so I promise to get to my story of this prep this week! It’s a LONG story and I have a lot of things to share so it will take me a while to tell it. As you saw from the post title, yep… 11 […]

The Gladiator

Surprise! I competed in my first NPC Bodybuilding competition on Saturday! AND I PLACED! Yep… that’s what’s been consuming my life these past 17 weeks. So why the secret? Well I wanted to do this prep for me and no one else. No outside pressure. If I couldn’t hang, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. […]