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Sacrifice for the Perfect Body

Hello my loyal followers!   As you know I hit you all by surprise by competing in two bodybuilding bikini competitions over these last few months. So why did I hide it? Well basically I’m not good with added pressure. I wanted to compete for me and not anyone else. If I was a couple weeks deep and […]

Ninety Four

Happy Friday! Are you happy it’s almost the weekend? As you can imagine… I SURE AM! Like I said yesterday, I finished my last workout of my bikini prep days. The last day in the gym is circuit work and some light step mill. I finished with the step mill and tears filled my eyes. […]

Leave It In The Gym

Hi friends! Guess what today is? Well, besides Thursday, TODAY marks my final training session for this prep. I honestly cannot believe it. Not that I was counting, but when I step on stage Saturday I will have prepped for 155 days straight. I probably took a total of 4 days off not training (including […]

Monday Round Up

Hey everyone 🙂 I hope you had a nice Easter holiday if you celebrated yesterday. Phoebe got a new toy. A peep! How appropriate. This has been a very interesting few days for me. Late Friday afternoon Miss Buffay decided to scare the pants off me and got very sick. Let’s just say bloody bathroom […]

11 Days Out

Hey everyone! This past week has been CRAZY for me so I promise to get to my story of this prep this week! It’s a LONG story and I have a lot of things to share so it will take me a while to tell it. As you saw from the post title, yep… 11 […]

A Weekend of Work

Happy Monday! Yes HAPPY! I have a full day of work today, then tomorrow I’m there for Terrible Tuesday until about 2 o’clock until I dance out of there on my way to get ready for CALI-FOR-NIA! I’m so excited to say it that way. I’ve never been to California before and while I won’t […]

9 Weeks Out

Good Morning to my readers! Yes, you read that title right! 9 weeks out I’ve kept this little secret for MONTHS now, and it’s been really hard not to talk about to anyone. In fact, my parents only found out last week! The only two people who knew were my 2 friends Mary and Tiffany. […]