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Pool Days

Hi friends! I’ve been GREATLY enjoying days I’m off. It’s been sunshine and blue skies here in Maryland, which is a nice change from the 3-4 weeks of rain we received a few weeks ago. I mean it was raining all the darn time! On Monday I went to the pool with Hannah since we […]

Weekend Fit Friend Fun

Hi gang! Happy Monday. A fresh start to the week. Well, I guess I’m chipper since I’m off until Wednesday. 😛 It’s not all fun and games. I work pretty hard and it’s rare for me to be off 4 in a row straight, so I’m soaking up every little bit of awesomeness that is […]

Our Little Visitor

Hi everyone! As you can guess Tony and I have been extremely busy with house related things. Of course our schedules are complete opposites too. Days Tony works, I am off, and days I work, Tony is off. I feel like I have barely seen him, but we obviously both need the hours 🙂 Tuesday […]

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hi friends! Well, we made it! We officially are staying in our new home and it’s definitely had it’s ups and downs. First of all let me start by saying thank you SO MUCH to all of our family and friends, and even my readers for the well wishes. It’s a huge step and we […]

Our Crazy Halloween

Hi everyone. I’m obviously kidding here with the title of my blog. While I would have loved to dress up and spend hours on makeup and a costume, I frankly haven’t had the time for anything like that lately. Tony and I spent our Saturday going over to our new “house”, taking pictures, and testing the […]

Monday Start

Hi everyone! It’s Monday. I usually do a recap of our super fun weekend, but yesterday and today Minnie is flying solo. It seems the days I work Tony is off, and the days he works, I am off. Can our schedules get it together? I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a normal […]

When Things Crumble

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the protein pantry blog from Wednesday. There is still time to enter for a $50 gift card to Vitamin Shoppe that you can use in stores or online. Get your hands on those nut butters ASAP! Tuesday night was a ROUGH one for us in the Skinny Minnie Household. […]

Thursday Things

Hi everyone! First of all I want to say I love you to the man who has made me the happiest girl alive for these past 6 months. I knew all this time I was waiting for the right guy to show up, I just had to be super patient. I know we have a […]