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Tracking Movement

Hi everyone. Lately, fitness trackers have been all the rage. I was fortunate enough to receive a new Garmin vívofit 2 from my friends over at Garmin and Popsugar. I’ve never worn a fitness tracker before, other than a heart rate monitor to see what I’ve burned, so I was a little lost as to […]

DIY Eye Cream

Hi everyone! Happy Friday to you 🙂 What have I been up to while I’ve been off work? Well besides torturing myself in candy stores…  Actually NOT MUCH. And frankly it’s already driving me crazy. Yesterday when I was finished the gym I asked my mom “why is this so much harder right now? I […]

Time to Chill

Good Morning Friends 🙂 Yesterday I said my final goodbyes to my surgery job and went on my way. New life coming through! I did spend a little of my day stretching out too. Yikes my quads hurt! I had to take advantage of the morning a bit after writing my notes so I could […]

Winter Time Workouts

Good morning everyone! Can you believe it’s December? Time flies doesn’t it? I actually love the colder seasons. In Maryland we are fortunate enough to experience all the lovely seasons, but something about the winter just makes me feel all warm and cozy! Now as a gym rat, I spend most of my time exercising […]

I love lucy

Hey gang! This is for you. The ones who have it all… on your to-do list. As we all know Skinny Minnie is a very active girl. I’m one of those people who has a million dreams and I want to achieve all of them. However, I’m a normal woman. I have responsibilities. A job […]

Staying Active and On Target this Season

Hello gang! As summer comes to a close and fall approaches, the leaves start to fall off the trees and a slight breeze starts to come in here in good old Maryland. Fall is my absolute favorite season by the way 🙂 You guys know I’m a gym rat, but sometimes it’s good to just […]

Right on Target with Fitness Gear

Hello friends! I hope you are having a fabulous Monday. I’m always told on my blog “I love your top, I love your pants, etc” because I am no stranger to keeping up with fitness fashion. Sometimes yes, I can go overboard with price, so I was so excited when POPSUGAR asked me to be […]

Summer Must Haves

Hey gang! Did you guys miss me? I have unfortunately been under the weather the past two days, and I told you work was going to be ‘oh so not fun’, and guess what? It wasn’t! BUT if anyone can handle it, I can. Not to pat myself on the back, but sometimes I wonder […]