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Giant Birthday Cake Cookie

Hi friends. Obviously I am no stranger to everything birthday cake flavored. If you walk in any GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, even Walmart you will find those large protein cookies in various flavors. I will admit, I LOVE THEM. However it’s two servings and let’s be real, do we really share it? Not me! Those giant […]

Protein Pantry Perfection

Hi gang! When the Vitamin Shoppe invited me to join the protein pantry movement, I was super excited. You guys know I love products that have an extra bump of protein, but taste good too! From nut butters, to pancake mixes, it’s easy to add protein into your diet plan to keep you full and […]

Protein Donuts

For those of you who remember, I hadn’t had a real donut in over 13 years. And for the grammar/spelling police out there, I realize it is actually “doughnuts”, but I am succumbing to societal norms of calling it “donuts” for blog search purposes here.  After my shows, Tony reintroduced me to this wonderful treat. […]

Pulled Buffalo Chicken

Lately, I’ve been CRAVING pulled chicken. You know that saucy luscious barbecue with the killer thick bun that soaks up the goodness. Well, thats not on my meal plan right now unfortunately. However, I can make it work buffalo style with some chicken breast, a few spices, and some hot sauce! This recipe is too […]

Spicy Baked Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets are a spin off from the almond crusted chicken tenders. Low carb and delicious! Caught your attention, yes? This picture reminds me a bit of Chick fil A nuggets, boy are those good! Not exactly the healthiest, but mine are so no worries 🙂 Here’s what you’ll need: 4-5 chicken breasts, cut […]

Easy Protein Pancakes

I finally did it. I made pancakes that… A. are from scratch and not out of a box B. Taste good C. Didn’t burn or fall apart For some reason I always screwed up pancakes. A few weeks ago I resorted to the protein pancakes in the box. They are good… but I don’t know […]

Doughnut Funfetti Protein Cake

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Another one of my “on a whim” recipes came to life and became an AWESOME one. I had made a nice dinner the other night for Tony and I to enjoy after our lifts, but I needed a dessert. I said okay maybe I’ll make protein brownies or […]

All this Time

Happy Monday! Now that I have all this time and I’m going crazy, I’ve been doing random stuff in the house to keep busy. Like making my own cajun seasoning. A lot of those seasonings are LOADED with sodium. Now this does have a little bit of salt, but I put in the smallest pinch! […]