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Simple Summer Smoothie

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Summer time is approaching! Sunshine, pools, beaches, the smell of sun tan lotion in the air. Let’s face it the only tans I’m familiar with lately are the oompa loompa kind 😉 That hand… yikes.  Anyway, this smoothie recipe I have for you is so refreshing and […]

S’Mores Smoothie

Hey gang! This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almond milk. Lately if you tune into any social media channel you will find people going bananas for S’Mores. I mean what’s not to like right? Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham crackers? Yes, please. No thank you to the extra calories and sugar! This is the fit girl.. […]

Easy Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

Let me be up front here. This recipe is pretty darn basic. I really just wanted an excuse to use my Ninja! Full review coming soon, but thanks to my friends for sending me this amazing little gadget. What a wonderful mid-week surprise to come home to 🙂 At night I was craving something sweet […]

Fit Girl Smoothie

After a great workout, you should reward your body with something delicious and nutritious! I came up with this smoothie just cleaning out my fridge and it was wonderful! I call it the Fit Girl Smoothie. It is low in carb, slightly higher in fats, but that is from the avocado, so it’s all good […]