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Weekend Update

Hey everyone! First off, in case you missed it… THIS happened last week. Yep! Tony and I are getting married and even though it’s not a shock to anyone that it’s happening, it’s still pretty exciting 🙂 It’s also fun to say “fiancé”. I also wanted to give a HUGE shout out to my best […]

Pool Days

Hi friends! I’ve been GREATLY enjoying days I’m off. It’s been sunshine and blue skies here in Maryland, which is a nice change from the 3-4 weeks of rain we received a few weeks ago. I mean it was raining all the darn time! On Monday I went to the pool with Hannah since we […]

How To Stay On Track This Summer

Hey gang 🙂 Rather than a normal blog about my life and what’s going on (believe me not much has changed), I thought since summer time is around the corner I’d give you some helpful hints to stay on track with your health and fitness plans. Say you slaved all winter and spring long for […]

You’re Killing Me Smalls

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! Remember the movie the Sandlot? Source Well I pretty much lived the adult version of it last night. First of all, I have probably seen the Sandlot more than any young boy my age that played baseball. It was ALWAYS playing in my house. I haven’t seen it in years and […]

Official Meathead Status

Hey gang. Halfway through the week already! Can we talk to the public for a second and remind everyone that it is ONLY JANUARY. I say this because over the weekend I went to Target (danger, danger!) and as soon as I walked in I was hit with a display of swimsuits. SWIMSUITS! We just […]

New Week + Winner

Good Morning Happy Monday 🙂 Fresh start to the week and I am not looking too forward to work this week since I’ll be super busy, but excited for the lifts that come after work! I’ve been working my little tail off in the gym, diet has remained the same, and actually I’ve probably increased my […]

15 Things I’m Loving Lately

Hello everyone. Back to the week we go. Sunday was a very busy day for me. Lots of laundry, meal prepping, blog work, etc. So I didn’t have time for a real blog, nor do I want to bore you with details of all the clothes I folded. So I thought I’d do 15 things […]