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Bump and the Beach

Good Morning! As of Friday, I have officially returned to the blog world. It feels really good to be back and I am so thankful for those of you who reached out to me in various ways. All of it was extremely positive despite my extreme amount of nerves posting it. This weekend we headed […]

LA- My Favorite Day

Hey gang. So I skipped a day of our vacation, but really day 3 was just workouts for me and a few beach pictures at night. I plan on doing a “photo dump” to share some of the lost pictures with you, but I really want to talk about my favorite part of the vacation! […]

LA Continued

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed part one of my LA travels. It’s really cool to relive it with you all. Day two of BlogFest was lots of fun! I majorly crushed on our keynote speaker Jenna Wolfe. You may remember her from the Today Show, but what I didn’t know about her is HOW […]

Los Angeles Part One

Hi everyone! On my last post, I talked about what I learned at BlogFest, and today I’m going to talk about the recap of the entire vacation! Let’s just say traveling was a nightmare. I was getting off night shift, never slept, then 17 hours later we finally made it to LA. Snapchat filter for […]

What I learned about myself at BlogFest

Hi everyone! It feels good to be back home in good ol’ Maryland 🙂 I missed my family and Phoebe TONS, but Tony and I had a great time in California for the week. I have a lot to recap, and I’ll get there next week, but for now I wanted to talk about what […]

Travel Tips for Keeping it Healthy

Hi friends! Since I’m heading away soon I thought I’d share with you a fit girls guide to traveling. Now I’ve talked about road trips before and trying to keep it healthy, but this time I’m flying so being able to pack whatever I want is not an option. Two years ago when I went […]

Goodbye Seattle

Our last day in Seattle was bittersweet, but we were fortunate enough to have a super late flight at 11pm. The trip back to Baltimore is such a long one, so taking an overnight flight seemed like the best option. Spending the entire day with Sarah and Andy was great! This post is basically what we […]

Rainy Fun

Hi everyone! I hoped you had a nice weekend. I really would like a redo on mine since my phone decided to break and then apple wiped everything from it, telling me sorry you lost it all. Oh the heartbreak you feel after that… However, it’s a material possession and all of it can be […]