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Weekend Things + Shoulder Burn

Hey friends 🙂 We are already mid week because of the holiday! Although I’d love to say that the weekend is approaching, I am not exactly getting a weekend. I’m only off today until I head to LA on Wednesday morning with Tony. This week is going to be a struggle for me trying to get […]

Monday Mindset

Hi everyone! Last week was CAH-RAZY. Not just crazy, CAH-RAZY. This week will hopefully be a little better, so I’m back for my blogs. I’m really sad the weekend sped past us, because I spent a lot of time at work prior to it, but a new weekend will be approaching shortly. 🙂 On Saturday, […]

Turkey Day Love

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Tony and I were able to visit both of our families. It felt good to share our first Turkey day together! Of course it felt extra good to EAT on that holiday. We both were on prep last year so we did it up big. But […]

Glute Circuit

Hi friends! As you know I’m in Seattle right now, sipping on that fresh roasted coffee and enjoying time with my best friend Sarah. Just because I’m away doesn’t mean I’m not working out! Sarah and I have tons of plans to get in some workouts together. I’m lucky to have a super active best […]

Legs And Other Things

Hi Gang! An update on this weekend since I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to do a thing. I love my blog and I love my readers, so better late than never right? On Wednesday, I was the ultimate cliche doing glutes/legs in the gym. Enter fit girl “hump day” here. I love doing […]

Friday Fun

Hi everyone! Phew what a week, but it’s now Friday! Tony and I are both off and going to enjoy a day in the DC area 🙂 We knocked out a little cardio already too. Training comes later today. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing legs, but my knees have been bothering me a bit, […]

All Fixed

Hey everyone! Sorry for the MIA episode. My iMac’s video card blew last Friday and I finally got the call to pick it up yesterday! I have been very lost without my computer in the mornings, so one day I decided to whip out the old laptop from my parents house. That was a BAD […]

Trying to FIGURE it Out

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday. ALMOST to Friday, woo hoo! Like I said, I’m living for the weekends lately. Love every minute of them. Anyway, so on Tuesday I had an EPIC workout. It was the first time I hit the gym and felt like I trained like a real figure competitor. Do I know what […]