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What’s On Your Agenda?

Hey folks! So I want to point out the obvious here that I haven’t been updating as much, which isn’t too much like me to miss some in a row. The truth is I picked up more work, so once I’m in for the night it’s sweet dreams for a few hours. Anyway, this weekend […]

You Have Questions, I Have Answers

Hi there everyone! It’s Monday. A fresh start to the week. It’s almost the end of summer as I see people enjoying their last weekends at the beach, or last lazy Sundays. With my posts lately, I’ve been asked questions regarding my prep, exercises, and just general day to day things. I’m here to answer […]

Working On My Glutes

Hello Everyone. Sorry for skipping the blog yesterday. I had a miniature bikini girl meltdown in the gym out of exhaustion (Mom it’s okay)— I say this because she worries! The cardio game is starting to catch up with me and being lower carb for a few days makes your body almost… well let me […]

Shooting for a Third Time

Hi Gang! After going back and forth in my brain (for real it was like a ping pong tornament), I decided to give a 3rd show a try and looks like I’m competing June 1st as originally planned. Some say I’m crazy, but really I don’t seem to care. I just like to say I’m […]

FitBloggin’ 13 Day 1

Hi strangers! Sorry I haven’t been able to do my normal updates. This Skinny Minnie has been insanely busy having a blast in Portland. If you have been following my Instagram you will have seen some of the highlights of the trip. Since SO much went on, I’ve decided to post each day separately, rather […]