Goodbye Friends


Hey everyone. Today I talk about the last part of Sarah and Andy coming to visit. I know these posts took me long enough, huh? Life gets in the way and it’s a busy life! Anyway, what better way to finish a visit from a fit friend… hitting the gym! I HAD to take them […]

Friends in DC


Hey everyone! I continue my previous weekend adventures with Sarah and Andy with a day in Washington, DC! It has been quite some time since I went down to the monuments, I was probably in high school, but we were excited to show our friends the nations capital! We took the metro down, and let’s […]

Our Favorite Visitors Part 2


Good Morning and Happy Monday! I’ll be reliving my visit with Sarah last weekend because it was SO Epic. We also had a pretty good time this weekend… but more on that later 😉 Our first stop Friday morning was breakfast in downtown Annapolis. We decided to take Sarah and Andy to Iron Rooster, a […]

Seattle Came to Baltimore


Hi friends! Sorry I’ve been away. Work has been crazy, but then we had the BEST few days off work! My best friend Sarah came to visit from Seattle! I literally counted down the days and hours until their plane arrived. I’m sure you guys are very familiar with Sarah aka SweetBlondesFitLife. We met through […]


Hey everyone. I am desperately trying to get back to normal here. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. I’ve been working a lot of overtime and my days are mega long. Everything is slowly starting to suffer, and I’m trying to make the gym a priority again. I have so […]

Giant Birthday Cake Cookie


Hi friends. Obviously I am no stranger to everything birthday cake flavored. If you walk in any GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, even Walmart you will find those large protein cookies in various flavors. I will admit, I LOVE THEM. However it’s two servings and let’s be real, do we really share it? Not me! Those giant […]

Anniversary Fun


Hi everyone! I apologize for missing the past few days. No need to put my face on the milk carton, once again work is just crazy busy and my days are exhausting. This past Friday was a big milestone for Tony and I. It was our 1 year anniversary! We made reservations for a really […]

My Fridge Staples


Hi everyone! Since I’ve been focusing a lot on the house and other activities, I thought it would be a good idea to change it up and bit. When I first started Skinny Minnie Moves all the way in late 2012… WOW 2012… really? , I was vegetarian and then I leaped back into meat since […]