Taking Requests


Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, and I didn’t really get a chance to sit down last night and write a full blog for you, so I’m asking for YOUR help today. Well sort of… I’ll be gone from August 13th-17th for a blog vacation in Anaheim, California, so I’ve asked for a little help from my […]

Putting Up the Pounds


Hello all! Back to Monday. I’m now in this zone where I live for the gym. As if my world didn’t revolve around it before…? Well now at work all I think about is 5pm to get my lift on. I’m just excited about my work in progress. It’s so fun to be able to […]

Healthy Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs- CLEAN EATS!


I’m back on competition prep and with competition prep comes fun ways for me to eat my protein. No boring preps over here! I like flavor please I made these last night on a whim because I didn’t want to do plain ground turkey. Well not to toot my own horn here, but they are […]

All Better Now


Hey everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes on my social media accounts! Yes, I was sick again. I’m pretty private about “why” I am sick in public, but I know SO many women out there suffer with the same issues as I do, so I’m not afraid to share that I suffer from a […]

Leg Days Happen Too Quickly


Hey gang. If you’ve been following my Instagram you probably saw that I’ve been in bed the past two days feeling ill again. I had the blog below all drafted on Monday evening, but then never got around to posting it, so I am going to post it now instead of wasting the work I […]

New Week + Winner


Good Morning Happy Monday Fresh start to the week and I am not looking too forward to work this week since I’ll be super busy, but excited for the lifts that come after work! I’ve been working my little tail off in the gym, diet has remained the same, and actually I’ve probably increased my calories […]

Healthy Birthday Cake for 1


Good Morning Rise and SHINE! It’s Friday! Actually I’m on my way to the gym at 8am… let me groan a little. I HATE going to the gym early in the morning. My work schedule doesn’t allow it thankfully, weekends do and this is now the 2nd time I’ve trained with my coach where I […]

One Liner


Hey guys! I’m a busy bee today, but wanted to let you all know if you have downloaded my E-BOOK and are having problems please e-mail me and I will re-send you the link for the download! Thanks XOXO With a Cherry On Top, -Minnie