Thursday Things


Hi everyone! First of all I want to say I love you to the man who has made me the happiest girl alive for these past 6 months. I knew all this time I was waiting for the right guy to show up, I just had to be super patient. I know we have a […]

Monday + Puppy Love


Hi everyone! First I have to say a BIG Happy Birthday to my best friend, my confidant, and my biggest supporter– My mom, or “G-Mama” as you all know her 😉 I love you Mama! Here in Maryland we got extremely lucky that Hurricane Joaquin slid past us. I know a lot of you out […]

Hello October


Hi everyone! I’ve received a few questions about what my 30 day challenge entails and the intensity level. As far as the workouts go, yes I consider them on the more intense side. I write specific exercises you need to do and I do suggest a gym, but I also give alternatives. If you have […]

October Challenge + Shoulders

Hi everyone! I’m excited that I have an October Challenge coming at ya! I worked pretty hard on this so I would love if you guys joined me. Basically it’s 30 days of a diet and exercise plan. The diet you will be able to customize yourself, but I give you plenty of ideas and […]

Weekend Love and Eats


Hi everyone! Happy Monday This weekend Tony and I had a good time eating our way through Baltimore. You may have seen my snap chats 😉 Friday we went to Thai food with his mom. We’ve never done Thai before, but it was delicious! I love that they load you up with veggies. I decided […]

Cardio and Legs in 15 minutes


Hi everyone! I’ve been a busy girl and when I’m not busy I’m trying to find time to sleep. Trying to squeeze in a somewhat normal life with work has been a challenge for me lately, but I’ll hopefully get better. And getting in a workout at 8pm after a long day? Not my first […]

Monday Things


Hi gang! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was short because I worked yesterday, and I was still trying to switch my clock back to day time (still struggling). Phoebe and Tony spent some quality time together while mama worked, and when I came home she was STILL all about Tony. Yes, I was […]

What Day Is It?


Hi Friends! Where have I been? Well, I have been choosing not to talk about my career anymore just to separate that part of my life, but I’ve been working! If you followed me WAY back in the beginning you may remember I used to work night shift and as I first starting blogging I had […]