Turkey Day Love


Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Tony and I were able to visit both of our families. It felt good to share our first Turkey day together! Of course it felt extra good to EAT on that holiday. We both were on prep last year so we did it up big. But […]

Goodbye Seattle


Our last day in Seattle was bittersweet, but we were fortunate enough to have a super late flight at 11pm. The trip back to Baltimore is such a long one, so taking an overnight flight seemed like the best option. Spending the entire day with Sarah and Andy was great! This post is basically what we […]

Rainy Fun


Hi everyone! I hoped you had a nice weekend. I really would like a redo on mine since my phone decided to break and then apple wiped everything from it, telling me sorry you lost it all. Oh the heartbreak you feel after that… However, it’s a material possession and all of it can be […]

Seattle Views


Hi there gang. Sorry I was MIA for two days. I’ve been busy with other things. When we last left, I was getting juice with Sarah after an extreme leg workout. Did you guys try it? Hurts so good, right? Tony is a big fan of burgers after leg day, and we just so happened […]

Leg Day in Seattle


Hi everyone! Today I talk the next part of my trip, which includes an awesome workout with my friend Sarah. You all know me pretty well, and when it comes to lifting I fly solo. However, this is a rare situation that I’m in the same gym as Sarah, so I showed her a sneak […]

Seattle Part 1


Hi everyone. Happy Monday! This week I’ll be discussing my adventures in Seattle with my best friend Sarah. I traveled over 2,400 miles just for a 4 day reunion and it was well worth it. Side note: I’m crying again typing this. I am so lucky to have a friend like Sarah. She’s genuinely happy […]

10 Reasons Why The Weight Won’t Budge

Hi everyone! I want to start off by saying yes, I’m alive. I had a BLAST in Seattle, and then I went right back to work, so it’s been difficult for me to get my baby (my blog) up to speed. This article below was saved for last week, but I didn’t have access to […]

Glute Circuit

Hi friends! As you know I’m in Seattle right now, sipping on that fresh roasted coffee and enjoying time with my best friend Sarah. Just because I’m away doesn’t mean I’m not working out! Sarah and I have tons of plans to get in some workouts together. I’m lucky to have a super active best […]