Trying My Best

Hi guys, I know I’ve been MIA lately, but as you know I’m prepping for competition #2. Peak week is NOW (I’m 3 days away) and I’ve been working all week! What was I thinking? Oh and to top it off I’m sick as a dog! Again, what was I thinking? I must’ve ALMOST quit […]

Building a Bikini Booty


Hi guys! So here’s THE DEAL. Wow I sound super official right now… it’s not that serious… As I told you on Thursday, I have some more shows lined up. The one next Saturday things won’t change much, just more fun and round 2. My body will not make any dramatic changes, I’m just hoping […]

What’s Up Next


Well hello gang! Quite the whirlwind this past weekend huh? Again, so honored to have placed, and SO thankful for all the kind words all of you said. I read every single comment and you guys are awesome! Each one touched my heart. So now what? Well I have 10 days until my next competition…. […]

My First Bikini Competition- OCB Eastern Regionals 2014


Well I hope you all saw my post yesterday! Let’s not keep it a secret till the end in case you missed it! I did place in my first competition! Two awards were given to me and I was over the moon excited. First time competing against an outrageous number of girls was such an […]



Full update tomorrow , but look who came home with some hardware in her very first bikini show! 4th place Novice Bikini, 5th place Debut Bikini. HUGE SHOW! About 26-30 girls in Novice alone. Can’t believe I did it!  Going to relax all day, enjoy some good food, and NOT go to the gym for […]

2 Days Out


It’s Thursday! Here’s where the magic begins to happen. I’m literally shaking as I type this. This is probably going to be my last blog before show day. ———————————————- …AND I’m back from dry heaving. For real, not kidding. Today I get my polygraph, check in number, and manicure and pedicure for show day. Holy […]

Counting on One Hand- 4 Days Out


Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost time. 4 days away from my competition! Today is Tuesday, I’m not at work, yippee Although I feel for my fellow PA’s, because it absolutely stinks when we have one man down! I finished my last work day yesterday afternoon (no more work day workouts!) and I […]

The Start of Peak Week


Good Morning Fit Family! I’m so sorry I have been astray, but as you know things are crazy around here and my show date is so close! I am OFFICIALLY ONE WEEK OUT!  As long as this entire process has been, and as hard as it has been on me physically and mentally, at the […]