Last Minute Shopping

Hey gang! Christmas is next week! For those of you who celebrate. Since yesterday was just work, gym, sleep for me I thought I’d throw together a quick last minute gift idea post. Or if you have no idea what to get someone, here’s what I’d want as a 29 year old woman who loves […]

Early Christmas


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the skin care video. I know I said I was going to be back yesterday, but I had a pretty stressful Tuesday so I ended up taking a little rest from the blog and the gym. I probably haven’t had a rest day in 3 weeks so it felt […]

Skin Care Routine

I have a busy work day ahead of me but I finally have uploaded my skin care routine! Here it is Be back tomorrow! XOXO With a Cherry On Top, -Minnie

It Comes, It Goes, It Sparkles


Hi friends! Back to Monday. Seriously I waited days for Friday to come and in the blink of an eye it’s Monday again. On Saturday I was FINALLY able to get my tree up! No, my tree isn’t real. I work very long hours and I’m afraid to leave Phoebe alone with fallen pine needles. […]

When You Want to Quit… DON’T

Here’s the thing… Feeling a little annoyed and defeated today. Several reasons have caused this. Exhaustion. Yesterday my knees were screaming at work after an OR case, I was tired as can be, but I still got my butt in the gym. Stealing. I’ve recently discovered a few of my pride and joy recipes stolen exactly […]

All Grown Up


Hi everyone. Happy Thursday! Can you hear me blowing my party horns? I’ve said time and time again I shouldn’t live for weekends, every day should be something you live for, but hey I’m human and I like days off. Remember the other day when I talked about how good I’ve been with clean eating?… […]

Weekly Playlists


Hey everyone! If you are like me and are in the gym, you can’t do a workout without good music. Seriously one time my phone died and I left the gym. I just can’t do it! To stay motivated and “focused” I’ve been creating weekly playlists to pump me up. Not all fasts songs, and […]

Girl Talk and DC times


Hi everyone Welcome back to Monday. It’s always super hard for me to get back after a long weekend, and a fun weekend! I’ve been doing my normal gym flow stuff and enjoying life. Thursday and Friday I killed the gym. I mean I walked in… blood was shed… and I walked out. Hard work […]