Working On My Glutes


Hello Everyone. Sorry for skipping the blog yesterday. I had a miniature bikini girl meltdown in the gym out of exhaustion (Mom it’s okay)— I say this because she worries! The cardio game is starting to catch up with me and being lower carb for a few days makes your body almost… well let me […]

Back to Heavy


Hello everyone! Back to work I go… groan… and back to heavy lifting! No groans on that part. It was nice to do a week of high reps, but I feel like a little monster when I lift the heavy stuff. It feels good It was a chest day and of course some cardio because […]

“Cheesy” Spinach Soup

This recipe came from trying to get in my greens in a new way. I had a huge bag of spinach and I was sick of just eating it with other veggies. Enter SOUP! Broccoli Cheese or “cheddar” soup is pretty popular, but what about cheese and spinach? And get this, there’s actually ZERO cheese […]

The Catch Up Game


Good Morning! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my trip! It’s nice to document the entire thing so one day I can look back and say wow look what I did while I was young! One of the benefits of being a blogger So this past week has been an emotional roller coaster for […]

Saturday Idea Fit – Cali


Good Morning! Next up we talk more of what I experienced during the Idea Fit conference. This was filled with personal trainers and instructors galore! Most of it was continuing education for them, but I took part in some classes to get an extra workout and also learn some new things for the blog to […]

Blogfest Day 2


Good Morning! Welcome back to Day 2 of my Blogfest adventures Friday morning I started with a 6am lift before the conference started. I hit some triceps and you know no gym session is complete without a little posing. At 7am we started with a pretty good bootcamp class. It involved some cardio bursts, squats, […]

Blogfest Day 1


Hello everyone! Now that we’ve gotten past the bad part of the California trip, here comes all the good! I woke up on Thursday feeling down, but I checked my phone and TA-DA back to normal :D I really think it’s the moisture in the gym that does it. Because I was feeling so down, Sarah […]

California Love Day 1


Hi gang! I’m back from California and oh my goodness so much to share! Again, this will be broken into days because there are so many things I want to tell you guys about. You guys know my vacation posts are super picture heavy, so just a warning My day started with a pre airport […]