A Quick Saturday Hey


Hey! I’m almost done my progress post. Really it’s finding all the pictures over the past 20 weeks that’s hurting me here. Oh how I miss those abs. I know it’s not realistic to keep full time though.  But anyway, I wanted to stop in really quick on a Saturday and say I haven’t gone […]

Meet the Parents


Hi everyone! This past weekend was so much fun. Tony and I spent the entire weekend together. Lifting, grocery shopping, and hanging out. Okay, so we actually DO NOT lift together. He has a training partner, and I do my own routine, but we do actually drive together. On Sunday we headed to G-Mama and […]

Doughnut Funfetti Protein Cake


This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Another one of my “on a whim” recipes came to life and became an AWESOME one. I had made a nice dinner the other night for Tony and I to enjoy after our lifts, but I needed a dessert. I said okay maybe I’ll make protein brownies or […]

Friday Things


Happy Friday! Made it through the week huh? Even if you made it by the skin of your teeth, hey you still made it! That’s what counts. I’m currently typing and cooking dinner for tonight. Friday nights are quickly becoming our date night “in” where we make a nice dinner that we eat after an evening […]

The Easiest Honey Cinnamon Almond Butter


This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Do you love flavored almond butters? ME TOO! Well thanks to my friends over at Blue Diamond, I’m about to make life insanely easy for all of us. During the final stages of prep I was eating rice cakes with almond butter and honey on them. Tony […]

The Week of Cheats


Okay I have to apologize first for going completely AWOL. What can I say? I’m all fat and happy right now So yeah I went buck wild on the cheats. Tony and I decided to give ourselves a week to enjoy whatever we wanted. I mean we really went to town. We were bad influences […]

A Beautiful Monday


Hey everyone! We last left off with a big win for Tony in Philly. Monday we had BIG plans. I’m talking we had planned this for a good month. An epic breakfast at the Iron Rooster in downtown Annapolis. They make giant homemade pop tarts there with sprinkles. Need I say more? The weather couldn’t […]

That One Night In Philly


Hey gang! When we last left off I was wrapping up my bikini days on Saturday night. Enter Sunday morning. I had about 3 hours of sleep and was up at 6am to drive up to Philadelphia. Why you ask? Well Tony was competing in his first bodybuilding show and I wouldn’t have missed it […]