A life changing experiment

Hi gang! Yesterday at work I sat down in my office as always. I eat my egg whites and oatmeal as I check labs and write patient notes. Same old thing. I’m sitting there with my co-worker Billy (hi Billy!) and he tells me about an amazing egg trick that will peel the egg in two […]

Booty and Booties


Hey there. HAPPY THURSDAY! This was my first full week back to work since I got sick with the flu and it’s always so hard getting back in the groove. My week actually went pretty fast so far so I can’t complain. Yesterday after work I was excited for the gym because it was glute […]

On the mend and my weekend


Hi guys! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I’m still recovering from this darn illness so after work I went home and hit my bed. This weekend I was starting to feel better so I was determined to go out and do things! As I told you guys Saturday I planned to go see […]

I love lucy

lucy 2

Hey gang! This is for you. The ones who have it all… on your to-do list. As we all know Skinny Minnie is a very active girl. I’m one of those people who has a million dreams and I want to achieve all of them. However, I’m a normal woman. I have responsibilities. A job […]

Friday Flu


Hello there. Thank goodness you are reading this via the web and I’m not telling you in person… The flu got me. Yep! Well, I’m being told it’s coincidence. You see my work made me get the flu shot and within 24 hours I felt like death. Fast forward another 12-14 and I couldn’t lift […]

30 Days of Research


Hello there! It’s Thursday and I’m currently on DAY 4 of my little blog experiment. So what am I talking about? Well as you guys know, my idea of a healthy lifestyle is clean eating. It may not be realistic for everyone, but I feel the best about my body and I get the best results […]

Cheeseburger Salad


This is my first IIFYM recipe (if it fits your macros). This is a good salad for higher fat days, but you can substitute accordingly. All the things you would find in a burger are in this bowl. I have to admit I inhaled it. So delicious! Here’s What You’ll Need: 3.5 oz ground bison […]

Ladies Night Meets Lady Luck


Hey everyone! This weekend was another fun filled one for me. After a short cardio gym session, I did some errands and got dressed for girls night. It was just “girl talk” over at Mary’s house with some of her close friends. For those of you wondering, yes Mary and I are still friends! We […]