Lean Bean Diaries


Hey guys and HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m happy to say I will be starting my job sooner than I anticipated. I was waiting for all the licensing to go through and it has, phew. I asked to start sooner because while being home is fun, I need my structure back. I’m going crazy at home, plus […]

I had good intentions


Hello everyone. Happy Thursday! My plan for yesterday was a home glute video. I moved all my furniture, put on my workout gear, and hit record. Yeah… I hit record… FAIL. I did have good intentions. I just had a dummy moment. I looked the part though! Yesterday I saw this all over my Facebook feed […]

Winner or Loser

Hello everyone! Recently in the news there has been A LOT of talk about the TV show the Biggest Loser. It seems some of the contestants came forward and “told all” regarding the safety of the show and what really goes on. If you want to read it, you can go here to read the […]

All this Time


Happy Monday! Now that I have all this time and I’m going crazy, I’ve been doing random stuff in the house to keep busy. Like making my own cajun seasoning. A lot of those seasonings are LOADED with sodium. Now this does have a little bit of salt, but I put in the smallest pinch! […]

DIY Eye Cream


Hi everyone! Happy Friday to you What have I been up to while I’ve been off work? Well besides torturing myself in candy stores…  Actually NOT MUCH. And frankly it’s already driving me crazy. Yesterday when I was finished the gym I asked my mom “why is this so much harder right now? I feel […]

Kid in a Candy Store


Hello everyone. Yesterday I had the first day of “stay-cation”. I decided to go on the hunt for new work clothes, particularly PANTS. Per recommendations, I hit up Nordstrom rack! I did find 3 awesome tops for only $29. I paid $6-$11 a piece, it was quite the steal. I also picked up a few […]

Time to Chill


Good Morning Friends Yesterday I said my final goodbyes to my surgery job and went on my way. New life coming through! I did spend a little of my day stretching out too. Yikes my quads hurt! I had to take advantage of the morning a bit after writing my notes so I could actually […]

Home Stretch

Hi everyone. Well today is my last official day as a surgical PA. I feel weird typing that. For those that missed it, I’ve made a huge change in my life and decided to go to a private practice. You can read more about it here These past two years were definitely a whirlwind for […]