11 Days Out


Hey everyone! This past week has been CRAZY for me so I promise to get to my story of this prep this week! It’s a LONG story and I have a lot of things to share so it will take me a while to tell it. As you saw from the post title, yep… 11 […]

Stage Shots


Hey Gang! I’ll be back tomorrow with a full blog of “my story” so to speak, but in the meantime if you wanted to see my stage shots from the show you can find them on NPCNEWSONLINE.  Winners! Isn’t it crazy how I look like a completely different person on stage with the lights as […]

Bikini Coaching


First, I want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone for the e-mails, messages, comments, etc. I have read them all and I am SO unbelievably grateful for all of the kind words. To know I am motivation for someone out there is exactly why I started this blog. You can do anything with […]

Food Coma

photo 2

Hey everyone! Did I catch you all off guard by competing? Yeah, who would’ve thought huh!? And I found one of the pictures I’ve been looking for! The top 5 ladies! Delt poppin’ In order to look that way I followed a VERY strict diet. Super clean, no cheats. At first it was horrendous, but […]

The Gladiator


Surprise! I competed in my first NPC Bodybuilding competition on Saturday! AND I PLACED! Yep… that’s what’s been consuming my life these past 17 weeks. So why the secret? Well I wanted to do this prep for me and no one else. No outside pressure. If I couldn’t hang, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. […]

The Disappearing Act


Hey everyone! I am happy to say I AM BACK, however this will be a short blog! If you check out my Instagram later this will all make sense, I promise. Big things for this weekend. And I can’t wait to share my news with everyone. All e-mails, comments, etc. will be answered this week […]

S’Mores Smoothie


Hey gang! This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almond milk. Lately if you tune into any social media channel you will find people going bananas for S’Mores. I mean what’s not to like right? Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham crackers? Yes, please. No thank you to the extra calories and sugar! This is the fit girl.. […]

Where’s Minnie?


Hey everyone! I know this isn’t like me to just go MIA without an explanation. I am not disappearing from the blog world! I told you that you guys are stuck with me Well… US! Don’t forget my partner in crime I have a recipe post coming up soon, but I will be off for […]