Ladies Night Meets Lady Luck


Hey everyone! This weekend was another fun filled one for me. After a short cardio gym session, I did some errands and got dressed for girls night. It was just “girl talk” over at Mary’s house with some of her close friends. For those of you wondering, yes Mary and I are still friends! We […]

Fashion for Him and Her


Hey everyone! It’s Monday, and last week I made my little announcement about waiting till March to compete again and enjoying life and the gym. So what better way to do this than with new clothes and a fun gym session? I can be a goofball… secret is out! Thanks to my friends at Target®, I was […]

Sick Days, Not an Excuse to Sleep


Hello Everyone I was out sick yesterday from work. I usually just lounge in my bedroom or on the couch, but I thought “hey now this is the perfect excuse to get stuff done”. And I did! I’m working on several “new projects” for my blog that I’m keeping under wraps as of right now. […]

5 Chest Exercises You Should Be Doing Now


After an epic leg day on Monday, I have to say I was dreading chest day. It bores me a bit, and I need a little more excitement. I had to intervene and do a little research. Now these aren’t breaking news worthy exercises… small variation from my normal routine, but I had to spice […]

The Perfect Kale Salad


Are you one of those people who wants to love kale, but every time you try it, it’s tough, bitter, and tastes leafy? I’m here to save the day! Actually I cannot take credit for this tip about making kale taste fantastic. A few weeks back I was watching The Chew and Daphne Oz (girl […]

No Surprise Here


Good Morning Friends. Happy Monday! Sorry I had missed Friday’s blog. I actually was busy on Thursday night with plans and then I ended up making a banana bread that failed miserably. Note to self: coconut flour should never be used to bake with. I even knew this. I’ve had so many recipes fail because of […]

Easy Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie


Let me be up front here. This recipe is pretty darn basic. I really just wanted an excuse to use my Ninja! Full review coming soon, but thanks to my friends for sending me this amazing little gadget. What a wonderful mid-week surprise to come home to At night I was craving something sweet and […]


Just a quick something today! I want to wish all my fellow Physician Assistant’s, students, and future students a Happy PA Week! We are some hard working people So if you know a PA personally or visit one as your medical provider please wish them a happy PA day/week! It’ll make their day, promise! XOXO […]