Strong Girls Club


Hi everyone! I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend. We stayed pretty busy Friday and Saturday so come Sunday it was home stuff and relaxation Friday evening we headed to a gym right down the street from my apartment. It’s one of those “gritty” gyms as I call them. No fancy TVs or anything […]

Happy Birthday Dad


Today is my Dad’s birthday. Like all Dad’s, he will say “Don’t get me anything” or “a card is enough”. He really does mean that, and let’s face it men can be pretty hard to shop for anyway. I talk about my parents on here in passing sometimes, but I spare details because I respect […]

Pulled Buffalo Chicken


Lately, I’ve been CRAVING pulled chicken. You know that saucy luscious barbecue with the killer thick bun that soaks up the goodness. Well, thats not on my meal plan right now unfortunately. However, I can make it work buffalo style with some chicken breast, a few spices, and some hot sauce! This recipe is too […]

When Life Hands You Lemons


Pray they are Lulu. Okay, so I didn’t come up with that. I borrowed it from Instagram, but I like this saying way better than the original! Sorry for the little mess up yesterday. I had full intentions of blogging later in the afternoon, but something unexpected happened and I didn’t get to it. All is […]

Check Back Soon!

My whole blog post for today was ERASED. Yeah, play the violins for me So please bear with me while I get my sanity back and try to remember what I wrote! It’ll be up later XOXO With a Cherry On Top, -Minnie

What’s Fueling You


Hi everyone! Today I want to touch on something I find to be pretty important. The other day I was having a conversation with my best friend about food. No surprise there, huh? Well I’m not talking drooling over sprinkles. I’m talking about using food as fuel and how it changes your body. I love […]

Blog Direction


Hi everyone! Lately I’ve been a little torn about the direction of my blog. Of course this started as a fitness blog, how I lost the weight, what I ate, etc. It has come A LONG way since then, considering I started as a vegetarian, didn’t care about the difference of a calorie of carb from […]

Saturday Seminar


Hi everyone! Did you have a good weekend? We did! Saturday Tony and I went to a local bodybuilding seminar to hear from a few legendary IFBB pros. There was a pretty nice turnout and a lot of muscle love in one place. Even though the emphasis was bodybuilding, I took a lot away on […]