Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake


When did I turn vegan? Well, never, but I like a challenge. Plus dairy isn’t my friend anyway… I’ve heard that you could make a “cheesecake” from tofu so I attempted it myself. I had silken soft tofu sitting in my pantry that I planned on using for something else, but I thought back to […]

Foodie Weekend


Who bombed their diet this weekend? That would be me! But wait isn’t she competing soon? As I talked about before I pushed it back, I’m still not 100% sold on walking on the stage again this year, so I didn’t exactly stick to my strict eating. And you know what? IT’S OKAY! Yes. I’m […]

Active Nation Day


Hey guys! A rare blog for today, I want to start off by saying today’s blog is NOT a sponsored post. Lorna Jane did not pay me to write this nor did they influence me in any way. Today is ACTIVE NATION DAY! (Sept 28th). So what is it? “Active Nation Day is a movement […]

Fabletics Friday +Giveaway


Hey everyone! I’m at work doing a little bit of overtime, but I have a great post for you guys today! Fabletics has been my favorite new fitness brand lately. They have awesome affordable pieces that are made well and look super stylish. As you guys have seen from my posts, I wear it a […]

What’s Happening Lately


Hey everyone Happy Autumn! Can you believe it’s that time of year already? Seems as if we didn’t even have a summer! Fall is the best time of year and NO not for the pumpkin spice lattes. I have to say I’m one of the few women that doesn’t go crazy over them. I hate […]

Web Surfer


Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, say no more… Every weekend I have a routine. I get up, put on my coffee, immediately check my inbox to make sure nothing insane is there (hey it’s happened), and then I get together my goodies for my coffee. As you guys know I always have my music on in […]

Monday and my Weekend Recap


Hello everyone! I’m sad to say it’s Monday again and I have a full week of work ahead of me. I live for Thursday afternoons, but this time around I’ll be working Friday as well. I had the choice to skip a day in the week, but as a responsible adult I know I have […]

Olympia Weekend


Hey everyone! I’ve made it to Thursday and while this week has been insanely busy it also went pretty fast. Each day I hit the gym really hard and it feels good when people tell me how much I’ve leaned out. It’s been quite the learning process this time around, and I should’ve always made […]