See You Next Week!

Hey Gang! I had a busy Birthday Weekend so I didn’t get a chance to upload posts for you guys or get to my birthday stuff but it will all be coming next week! I will be spending the next few days in the sun and sand Mom and Dad, please don’t worry, your baby […]

Post Workout Fuel


This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds  I’m asked all the time what my meals consist of, but I think the most important part of meals and fuel is the timing after a workout. You put in all that handwork at the gym right? Well now you need to feed those gains! When I’m […]

Wednesday Glute Love


Hi everyone! First I have to give a special shout out to G-Mama. It’s YOUR DAY! The day you’ve been waiting for about 9 months now And FINALLY yesterday was the day I had been waiting for as well! For a few years now. My gym purchased a glute ham raise or “GHR”. I hit […]

New Week- New Goals


Hi friends! So as you know Tony is now on vacation and Phoebs and I are doing it alone. It’s kind of funny because my parents offered me to stay with them for a few days in case I got lonely. The gesture was wonderful, but I think we all forget I lived on my […]

Memory Maker


Hey gang! I did end up challenging myself on those pelvic thrusts like I said. I got up to 195 lbs! Was able to do 5, then another set of 3. I’ll take it The other day I decided to finally use this shadow box that has been sitting in my room for almost 2 […]

Back to the Grind


Hey everyone! So here is the deal. I am back on a prep diet Am I on prep? NOPE! However, things were starting to spiral out of control. I give you Exhibit A: Exhibit B: I really could go on and on. Why am I sharing this? Well basically I know if I publicly announce […]

Beach Day On Point


Hi everyone! I’m back from the weekend and I am finally recovering from the cold I had. Well the cough still lingers a bit… Anyway on Friday Tony and I went to the beach with our gym friends. I called it “Bodybuilder Beach Day”. If you follow me on snap chat: katiekoblinsky <—— (username), you […]

Do You Hear That Sound?

It’s me coughing in Maryland Yes, here we go again. I know you’re thinking THAT GIRL is always sick. I really am, and it’s REALLY annoying. I’ve been fighting this for over a week now and my body won’t shake it. I went through the stages of scratchy/ sore throat, then chest congestion, then coughing, […]