What’s Up Next


Well hello gang! Quite the whirlwind this past weekend huh? Again, so honored to have placed, and SO thankful for all the kind words all of you said. I read every single comment and you guys are awesome! Each one touched my heart. So now what? Well I have 10 days until my next competition…. […]

My First Bikini Competition- OCB Eastern Regionals 2014


Well I hope you all saw my post yesterday! Let’s not keep it a secret till the end in case you missed it! I did place in my first competition! Two awards were given to me and I was over the moon excited. First time competing against an outrageous number of girls was such an […]



Full update tomorrow , but look who came home with some hardware in her very first bikini show! 4th place Novice Bikini, 5th place Debut Bikini. HUGE SHOW! About 26-30 girls in Novice alone. Can’t believe I did it!  Going to relax all day, enjoy some good food, and NOT go to the gym for […]

2 Days Out


It’s Thursday! Here’s where the magic begins to happen. I’m literally shaking as I type this. This is probably going to be my last blog before show day. ———————————————- …AND I’m back from dry heaving. For real, not kidding. Today I get my polygraph, check in number, and manicure and pedicure for show day. Holy […]

Counting on One Hand- 4 Days Out


Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost time. 4 days away from my competition! Today is Tuesday, I’m not at work, yippee Although I feel for my fellow PA’s, because it absolutely stinks when we have one man down! I finished my last work day yesterday afternoon (no more work day workouts!) and I […]

The Start of Peak Week


Good Morning Fit Family! I’m so sorry I have been astray, but as you know things are crazy around here and my show date is so close! I am OFFICIALLY ONE WEEK OUT!  As long as this entire process has been, and as hard as it has been on me physically and mentally, at the […]

A Workout For You


Happy Monday! I’m READY for this week! Why so anxious you say? Well it’s my last full week of work before show time! How crazy is that? I still have Monday of next week to do, but that’ll be just one day and then the madness starts! With 12 days to go this is the […]

Let Us Relax!


Good Morning Fit Family Phoebe and I have quite the day planned for today. As you’re reading this, chances are I’m on my couch catching up on my DVR. Yes! I cancelled the WHOLE DAY except for the gym. I have been waiting for this day all week long. Just a chill out day. I […]