Tuesday Tears

Hi everyone! Sorry for the short hiatus. As I mentioned last week, my best friend Sarah came into town for our baby shower, so the days leading up to it were filled with work and getting the rooms all squared away! I’m happy to say the nursery is completely done šŸ™‚ I plan on sharing […]

The First Trimester

Hi everyone! I said on Monday that I would talk about the first trimester. Like I’ve said before, I consider myself pretty lucky and have had a “normal” pregnancy. I realize MOST people have normal pregnancies, but since I work in labor and delivery, I really do see it all (from 5-6 weeks pregnant to […]

Monday Excitement

Hi friends! It was quite the weekend for me over here. I did absolutely nothing exciting until last night, since I was stuck at home with kidney stone pain. I THINK it has finally passed. Or I at least hope it did! Pregnancy can be hard enough and then I got that little friend. Geez. […]

Friday and 33 weeks

Hi everyone! Let me start off by saying I originally had plans to post a blog yesterday, but my body had other plans. I worked the 4th of July, and mid afternoon was hit with some pretty severe pain. Baby is fine! Thank goodness. That’s the most important part. I however have a kidney stone. […]

The Big Fat Positive

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Today I thought I’d rewind to the beginning of my pregnancy. I’m sure you’ve all read the tall tales about how women normally get a “feeling” and know they are pregnant. This was actually the case with me. Well technically my mom knew before I did, but I still had […]

Bump and the Beach

Good Morning! As of Friday, I have officially returned to the blog world. It feels really good to be back and I am so thankful for those of you who reached out to me in various ways. All of it was extremely positive despite my extreme amount of nerves posting it. This weekend we headed […]

I’m Back!! And Very Pregnant

Hello darkness my old friend… There are probably about five people out there reading this right now. Two my parents, one my husband, and the other two landed upon this page by sheer accident. It’s been a pretty darn long time, and when I tried blogging again I’d do it maybe a few days and […]

A Monday Appearance

Hi friends! No one said working full time, planning a wedding , and trying to have some sort of social life and down time would be easy. So that’s where I’ve been! We have some catching up to do, but today I’m just going to dip my toes in the water a bit because yet […]