MDW 2015


Hey everyone! I hope you had a happy and safe holiday if you are reading me from the US. A lot of people go to the beach around here, but crowds aren’t really my thing. I wouldn’t mind a tan soon though On Saturday we went to Allentown, Pennsylvania to support a friend competing in […]

Easy Protein Pancakes


I finally did it. I made pancakes that… A. are from scratch and not out of a box B. Taste good C. Didn’t burn or fall apart For some reason I always screwed up pancakes. A few weeks ago I resorted to the protein pancakes in the box. They are good… but I don’t know […]

All Fixed


Hey everyone! Sorry for the MIA episode. My iMac’s video card blew last Friday and I finally got the call to pick it up yesterday! I have been very lost without my computer in the mornings, so one day I decided to whip out the old laptop from my parents house. That was a BAD […]

Be Back Tomorrow

Hey gang! I’ll be back tomorrow with a blog. My precious iMac blew it’s video card Friday morning after I updated, so I have been without a computer all this time! I get “Mac Daddy” back tonight so I’ll be back in the morning with a new blog XOXO With a Cherry On Top, -Minnie

Friday Faves


Hey gang! First of all THANK you for taking the time out of your day to read my progress post from yesterday. It was a pretty big hit (second to my show posts) and it took a lot of guts for me to post my off season look. So thank you all whether you sent […]

Sacrifice for the Perfect Body


Hello my loyal followers!   As you know I hit you all by surprise by competing in two bodybuilding bikini competitions over these last few months. So why did I hide it? Well basically I’m not good with added pressure. I wanted to compete for me and not anyone else. If I was a couple weeks deep and […]

You’re Killing Me Smalls


Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! Remember the movie the Sandlot? Source Well I pretty much lived the adult version of it last night. First of all, I have probably seen the Sandlot more than any young boy my age that played baseball. It was ALWAYS playing in my house. I haven’t seen it in years and […]

Virginia is for Lovers


Hey everyone! Did you have a good weekend? It went by too fast huh? Mine too! We got up nice and early on Saturday. I decided to throw it back a bit and curl my hair. The humidity made my curls turn into waves pretty quickly, but that’s okay. A girl has to accessorize As […]